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Operation; Operation Notes; Control Panel Diagram - Kenmore 147 Owner's Manual

Electronic air cleaning system featuring the forever filter
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To reduce the risk of electrical shock, this
equipment is supplied with a 3-prong power cord with a
grounding lug on the plug. It is intended to be used with a
standard 3-prong 120 volt AC outlet. If the plug does not fit
your outlet, contact qualified personnel to install the proper
receptacle. DO NOT alter the plug in any way.
The operation of the unit is very simple.Turn it on by setting
the green control switch to high (3), med (2) or low (1).
When the Clean Air Light (green) is on, this is an indication
that the Forever Filter" is working properly. The light will
NOT be on when the switch is in the "Quick Dry" position.
The "Quick Dry" position is provided for drying the filter
after cleaning.
!. The speed shoul d beset
on high (3)for two minutes ,
before switching to the desired speed to initially start
the unit.
Control Panel Diagram
_,j I,, ,,, ,,,,,
Your Sears Kenmore Air Cleaner_is equipped with a
Negative ton Generator (Ionizer). The negative ions
are discharged through needles located just beneath
air discharge grill.
if you place your hand close to the negative ion field
generated by the needles (within 6-!2 inches of the
grill) for a period of time, and then touch a grounded
(metal) object, you may experience a mild static
discharge similar to the static electricity charge from
"carpet shock". The static discharge is simply a result
of the negative ions that have built up on your hand
being discharged to ground.
• Please note that there is no cause for alarm should
this occur. Your air cleaner is nott defective.



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