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Kenmore 147 Owner's Manual

Electronic air cleaning system featuring the forever filter


Electronic Air Cleaning System
the Forever
Parts List
Read this manual
and follow all its
Safety and Operating
After reading this manual, if
you have any questions
on your Kenmore
Air Cleaner call:
Sold by Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179


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Summary of Contents for Kenmore 147

  • Page 1 Read this manual and follow all its Safety and Operating Instructions. ® Sold by Sears, Roebuck Filter'" INFO-LINE After reading this manual, if you have any questions comments Air Cleaner call: 1-800-227-3917 and Co., Hoffman Estates, on your Kenmore IL 60179...
  • Page 2 _I, DO NOT place any foreign objects inside the Air Cleaner CAUTION - Do not operate this air cleaner in the presence of candies, wood burning fireplaces or stoves, or improperly maintained gas appliances. These products can produce smokethat may cause property damage such as staining on walls, furniture, draperies or other household furnishings if used while operating this air cleaner, especially if the "Forever...
  • Page 3 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Department 817WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANER CONTROL HOW IT WORKS Stage One - Pre-Filter: As dirty air is forced through the unit, large airborne particles are trapped by the Pre-filter.
  • Page 4 PLACEMENT OF AIR CLEANER Your air cleaner should be placed where air can freely move in, out and around it. Do not place the unit (t) Directly on or against any soft furnish!ngs such as bedding or curtains.
  • Page 5 !. The speed shoul d beset before switching to the desired speed to initially start the unit. Your Sears Kenmore Air Cleaner_is equipped with a Negative ton Generator (Ionizer). The negative ions are discharged through needles located just beneath air discharge grill.
  • Page 6 CLEANING AND CARE In addition to the exterior of the unit, there are three areas that require periodic cleaning: the pre-filter, the Forever Filter and the Negative Ion Generator Needles. ACCESS TO FILTERS Before performing any maintenance, turn the unit to the OFF position and unplug the power cord.
  • Page 7 Failure to clean the Forever Filter periodically will degrade performance of the air cleaner. The filter can be washed with Zap-lt cleaner sold through Sears (Sears stock # 8395) or with a dishwashing detergent such as Electrasol.
  • Page 8 1. Ensure the Pre-filter is placed in the tracks provided on the bottom side of the Forever Filter plastic handles). Return the Forever Filters the air cleaner. Pivot the tension clips back to their original position (vertical orientation) to ensure the Forever Filter properly located.
  • Page 9 DIAGNOSTIC CHECKLIST Should you ever haveany questions or concerns about the operation of your Kenmore Air Cleaning System, you may want to check this chart first. If the problem persists, call Help Line. Condition Unit won't come on *"Make ,,,,,, ,,,,...
  • Page 10 35 watt light bulb. Just pennies a day. When you use the air cleaner, you will want to have your windows closed for maximum efficiency. My air cleaner occasionally makes a snapping sound...
  • Page 11 REPLACEMENT PARTS Please order by Part Number and not by Key Number When ordering replacement parts always give the model number, Item No. Part Number 250071-001 450039-001 450038-001 350247-00_i 350244-001 150496-001 45004 !-001 450042-001 250494-002 1...50617-001 . 250243-001 250121-00t 350074-00I "[4 150218-001 250307-001...
  • Page 12 Please DO NOT attempt to repair this unit yourself. Doing so will void your warranty and could cause damage to the Air Cleaner or personal injury to yourself. If you have any questions concerning this appliance, please call toll free: 1-800-227-3917 Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.EST...
  • Page 13 Part No. 150255-001 • 4/97...

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