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How It Works; Electrical Hook-Up; Operation - Kenmore 152.83244 Owner's Manual

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This air cleaner is equipped with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor)
filter. Room air is drown into the :dr cleaner through the air intake gr_c and passes
through the HEPA fiRcr.Thc fiRcrcd all"is released from the top of the unit and is
dispersed upwards into the roonl.
The all"cleaner has tIu'cc operating speeds, H}, MED and LO.Thc indicator fight
is "ON" when the :fir cleaner is operating.
Your air cleaner has an ionizer with a red light indicating when it is turned "ON".
I lsc of ionizer boosts cleaning efficiency and rcvitalHcs stale :dr.
Your air cleaner has a convenient
carrying handle for easy portahifit3_.
Your air cleaner was thoroughly
inspected and tested at the _ctory prior to pack-
Visually inspect it upon removal from its box. Remove and discard an}' packaging
material. Rcmrn the unit if"it shows any signs of damage or mishandling.
Note th:g there is a label on the side of the trait as a reminder of when the HEPA
filter shotfld hc replaced. Using a ballpoint pen, write on the label a date six months
aw W from the first opcn_tion date. Scc FILTER CHANGE SCHEDI 1LEbelow:
Plug the air cIcanc1° into a polarized
120 voltA(." wall outlet.
WARNING:To avoid fire or shock hazard, the air cleaner shouM ON1X bc plugged
into a polarized
120 VoRAC outlet.
CAUTION: Never opcmtc the air cleaner without the filters properly installed.
motor chmagc couM rcsuR.
Each time you opcmtc the :dr cleaner, it is a good Mca to run it at HI speed tbr
e_st initial cleaning, then set as desired.
• HI ........................
Maximum Opclzatinn Fast Initial Cleaning
• MED ......................
Da}_hnc Operation
• LO .......................
Nighttimc I lsc/Quictcr
• On/Off kmizcr Operation
I lsc for fast initial cleaning
• When the innizcr is activated it helps m further clean and freshen the air by
out small airborne particles. When using ionizer, bc sure to place
air clcancr about one fi)ot awW from the walls.TNs will kccp precipitated
particles from depositing
on the wails.
KenmoreAir Cleaner Model 83244


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