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Using The Surround Processor; Using Jvc's Hall Surround - JVC AX-V5BK Instructions Manual

Jvc av integrated amplifier instructions
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Using the Surround Processor

What is surround?
Early reflections
Direct sound
* Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing
Corporation. "Dolby," the double-D symbol, and "Pro Logic" are
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Using JVC's Hall Surround

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The built-in surround processor provides three types of surround programs — Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby 3-
Channel Logic, and JVC's Hall Surround.
The sound heard in a concert hall or a movie theater consists of direct sound and indirect sound: early
reflections and reflections from behind. The reflected sounds are always delayed by the distances of the ceiling
and walls from the listener. These reflections are some of the most important elements of the acoustic
from behind
You need to connect one set of rear speakers to obtain the full effect.
Once you have adjusted the Hall Surround, the amplifier memorizes the settings.
On the front panel:
1. Press SURROUND so that the Control % % % % % / fi fi fi fi fi / @ @ @ @ @ / # # # # # buttons work for selecting the surround
The lamp above the button lights up.
2. Press Control % % % % % / fi fi fi fi fi until "HALL" appears on the display.
The HALL indicator also lights up on the display.
Each time you press the button, the surround modes change as follows:
The indicator of the selected surround mode lights up in turn as you select the surround modes.
On JVC's Hall Surround
In order to reproduce a more realistic sound field in your listening
room while playing an ordinary stereo source, JVC's Hall Surround
has been designed to give you clear vocals and to create the
feeling of a concert hall. The sound is reproduced through the
front speakers and rear speakers.
On Dolby Surround
Dolby Surround has been also developed to reproduce the
important elements of the acoustic surround at home.
To watch the soundtracks of video software bearing the mark
* which includes the same encoded surround
information as found in Dolby Stereo films, the amplifier can
provide you with 2 Dolby Surround programs (Dolby Pro Logic
and Dolby 3ch Logic).
Dolby Pro Logic: Select this mode when the optional rear
speakers are connected (as well as a center speaker).
Dolby 3ch Logic: Select this mode when a center speaker is
connected without rear speakers.
• The surround processor has no effect on monaural sources.
• The surround processor cannot be used for recording.



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