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TETRA Portable Terminal
Basic User Guide


   Summary of Contents for Motorola MTP850

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    MTP850 TETRA Portable Terminal Basic User Guide MENU pqrs wxyz 6866537D79-A...

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    17 (b) 17 (a) 15 (a and b) MENU pqrs wxyz...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Safety Information ......MTP850 Overview ......

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Unlocking the MTP850 ....... 23 Locking/Unlocking the Keypad ......23 Selecting TMO or DMO Operation .

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Quick Reference Guide ......39 © Motorola Inc., 2005 MOTOROLA and the stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are...

  • Page 6: Safety Information

    Accordingly, any copyrighted Motorola computer programs contained in the Motorola products described in this manual may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written permission of Motorola. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola...

  • Page 7: Controls And Indicators, Mtp850 Overview

    Provides alphanumeric text and images within 65,536 colours and 130 x 130 pixels with backlight, scalable fonts, and contrast. On-Off/End//Home Key Press and hold to turn the MTP850 On/Off. Press to end calls. Press to return to the Home display (idle screen).

  • Page 8

    Emergency Mode or in normal mode (as programmed). LED (Indicator) Before using your MTP850 for the first time, remove the plastic lens protector from the display, and charge the battery overnight to ensure battery is initialised to its full capacity.

  • Page 9: Audio Signal Tones

    • Back to coverage • Back to full service Clear-to-send Once Bad key press Once • Good key press Once • MTP850 self-test fails at power up • From out-of-service to in- service In Call Call clear warning Once Call waiting tone while...

  • Page 10

    Status message sent to the Twice dispatcher or failed. Incoming Calls Status message Four times acknowledged by the dispatcher. Your MTP850 received a Once Group Call without gateway (setup only). High-priority Group Call Once received Emergency Alarm sent or Twice...

  • Page 11

    Description Type Repeated Full-duplex Private PPC Every 4 seconds, until ring the call is answered or rejected. Limited service Once, upon entering limited service. New mail received Once New Group Call Once Battery/General Volume setting (earpiece, Continuous keypad, speaker) Volume setting (ringer) While setting the volume.

  • Page 12: Key, Knob, And Button Overview, On-off/end/home Key, Soft Keys, Menu Key, Rotary Knob, Emergency Button

    Powering Off also unlocks a locked Rotary knob. Emergency Button Press and hold this button to enter Emergency Mode. When the MTP850 is powered down, press and hold this button to power On in Emergency Mode or in standard mode (as programmed).

  • Page 13: Function Keys

    “Backlight On/Off” and the lower Side key is set to “Screen Saver On”. Please check with your Service Provider. Numeric Keys The MTP850 supports the one-touch feature that allows you to select or activate commonly used features by pressing and holding a Numeric key.

  • Page 14: Speaker Control Key, The Led Status Indicator, To Enter The Menu Items

    2. Scroll to the required item, press Select or to select. To Return to the Previous Level Press Back or To Exit the Menu Items Press Your MTP850 may exit if no key press is detected for a time-out period.

  • Page 15: List Of Menu Items

    List of Menu Items New Message Messages Inbox Templates Predefined Send Status <New Contact> Contacts <Name 1> <Name 2> Security PIN Protect Change Code Keylock Air Encrypt K Validity SCK Validity Vibe & Ring Vibe Only Ring Calls Ring Only Setup Vibrate Vibe &...

  • Page 16

    List of Menu Items (Cont’d) Tones Keypad Tone Setup (cont’d) All Tones Talk Permit No Tone Short Tone Normal Tone Clear to send Tone On Tone Off Flip Display [On/Off] Text Size [Zoom/Standard] Screen Saver [Auto/Disabled] Display Backlight [Auto/Disabled] Wallpaper [On/Off] Scanning Contrast On/Off...

  • Page 17: The Display, Status Icons

    Numeric key(s) assigned MENU to the shortcut. The Display When you use your MTP850, icons appear on the display to indicate the following conditions. Status Icons Status icons appear when your phone is engaged in certain activities or when you have activated certain features.

  • Page 18

    All Tones Off Indicates that all alert tones are off in the MTP850. Vibrate On Indicates that the MTP850 will vibrate to alert you of an incoming call. Vibrate and Ring Indicates that the MTP850 will vibrate and ring to alert you of an incoming call.

  • Page 19: Menu Icons, Inbox Icons

    Add, search, edit, or erase entries in the contact list. Security Lets you turn On/Off and verify security features, and change passwords. Setup Allows you to customise your MTP850. More... Contains more customisable menu items. Scroll Bar Indicates navigation among items that occupy more than one screen.

  • Page 20: Contact Icons, Text Entry Icons

    Contact Icons In the contact list display, the following icons may appear next to the contact numbers to indicate the type of stored number. Contact Icon Description Private ID Number Mobile Phone Number Home Phone Number Work Phone Number PABX Number Other Phone Number Pickers Indicate more than one number is stored with the contact.

  • Page 21

    > Entry Setup. MENU None is the default programming from factory and indicates no secondary entry mode is selected. Selecting the Text Entry Method and Language There are two text entry methods: • TAP—Enter letters, numbers and symbols by pressing an Alphanumeric key one or more times.

  • Page 22: Getting Started, Installing The Battery, Replacing The Battery

    Getting Started Battery Installing the Battery 1. Remove the battery from its protective clear plastic case. 2. Insert the battery top into the compartment as illustrated. 3. Carefully press the battery bottom downward until it clicks into place.. Replacing the Battery To remove the battery: 1.

  • Page 23: Charging The Battery, Battery Capacity Information

    2. The MTP850 displays the Charger Connected message only if the MTP850 is On when connecting the charger. If the MTP850 is Off, the display shows an icon of the battery in charging. The Battery icon shows the charging status (see below).

  • Page 24: Attaching The Antenna, Powering On/off (on-off/end/home Key), Powering On (emergency Button)

    . You will hear a beep and the Powering Off message is displayed. Powering On (Emergency Button) Press and hold the Emergency button to power On. The MTP850 will power On in Emergency Mode or in standard mode (as programmed).

  • Page 25: Unlocking The Mtp850, Unlocking The Mtp, Locking/unlocking The Keypad

    Inhibit. W A R N I N G Press the Yes soft key to deactivate the TXI Mode. If the MTP850 was previously used in Trunked Mode, it will register to the network. If the MTP850 was previously used in Direct Mode, it will remain in Direct Mode.

  • Page 26: Selecting Tmo Or Dmo Operation, Entering Tmo Or Dmo

    You can make and receive Group Calls when the MTP850 operates in Direct Mode. This includes Emergency Group Calls. The MTP850 returns to the Home display when there is no activity for a few seconds. Your terminal can alert you of an incoming call. Select the alert settings in...

  • Page 27: Group Calls, My Groups" Folder, Selecting The "my Groups" Folder

    Group Calls A Group Call is a communication between you and others in a group. A group is a pre-defined set of subscribers enabled to participate in and/or invoke a Group Call. Groups are organised in folders. Each folder may contain several groups.

  • Page 28: Using Alphabetic Search, Using Folder Search, Selecting A Folder, Tmo Group Calls

    Receiving a TMO Group Call Unless it is engaged in a call, your MTP850 will receive the Group Call. To answer the call, press and hold PTT. Your MTP850 shows the group name and the caller’s private...

  • Page 29: Receiving A Tmo Broadcast Call, Dmo Group Calls, Making A Dmo Group Call

    3. Wait for the talk permit tone and then speak into the microphone. Release the PTT button to listen. Receiving a DMO Group Call You can receive a DMO Group Call only when your MTP850 is in DMO. Unless it is engaged in a call, your MTP850 will receive the Group Call.

  • Page 30: Private, Phone, And Pabx Calls, Creating A Contact, How To Dial, Dialing A Number

    Private, Phone, and PABX Calls If you are in an on-going Group Call wish to make a new call, press to ignore the current call. Dial the number Creating a Contact 1. From the Home display, press Contcs. Select [New Contact]. 2.

  • Page 31: Private Call, Making A Private Call, Receiving A Private Call

    While Transmit Inhibit is activated, an incoming Private Call is indicated, but you cannot answer the call. Receiving a Private Call 1. The MTP850 switches to the incoming Private Call. The display shows the caller’s identity. 2. To answer an incoming half-duplex call, press PTT. To answer an...

  • Page 32: Phone And Pabx Calls, Making A Phone Or Pabx Call

    Phone and PABX Calls The Phone Call allows you to call a landline telephone number or a cellular mobile phone number. The Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) Call allows you to call local (office) extension numbers. This type of call needs to be activated by your Service Provider In this publication we use “phone number”...

  • Page 33: Emergency Mode, Entering Or Exiting Emergency Mode, Sending An Emergency Alarm (tmo Only)

    Your MTP850 will send an Emergency Alarm to the dispatcher (if configured by your Service Provider): • Automatically, upon entering Emergency Mode. • If you press the Emergency button again while the MTP850 is in Emergency Mode. After sending the alarm, the display will show one of the following delivery reports: •...

  • Page 34: Hot Microphone Feature, Making An Emergency Group Call

    “Local Area Service” area. Pressing the Emergency button, even if Transmit Inhibit is activated, causes the MTP850 to transmit immediately. The MTP850 must NOT be within the RF sensitive area when entering Emergency Mode. W A R N I N G...

  • Page 35: Messages, Sending A Status Message, Sending A New Message, Sending A User-defined Message

    PTT to send the message. Handling New Incoming Text Messages Your MTP850 will alert you of an incoming message and enter the inbox automatically, if there is no on-going activity in the terminal. Scroll to the message and select Read soft key. To read a long message, press More to read the next page and Back to return to the previous page.

  • Page 36: Handling Unread (new) Messages

    Handling Unread (New) Messages Press and select Messages > Inbox. Scroll to the message MENU and select Read soft key. To read a long message, press More to read the next page and Back to return to the previous page. Press and select to store/delete/delete all/reply/forward.

  • Page 37: Tips & Tricks

    Tips & Tricks Modeless Operation No need to select a mode (Group / Private / Phone) before initiating a call. Just dial a number and press CType (call type) soft key to decide what call it is (then press PTT or Home Key Not sure where you are? Want to get back to Home display? Press...

  • Page 38

    When this feature is activated, the contents of the display are flipped upside down. This feature is particularly useful if you have to wear the MTP850 on the shoulder, belt, or lapel and at the same time wish to read the display upside down.

  • Page 39

    Dialed Call List - Quick Access From the Home display press to access the list of the last dialed calls. Automatic Scrolling via Navigation Key In a list press and hold for automatic scrolling. Recent Calls Menu - Quick Access From the Home display press...

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