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Nokia 6090 Command Manual

Supported at commands.
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for the Nokia 810 vs. Nokia 6090


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    SUPPORTED AT COMMANDS for the Nokia 810 vs. Nokia 6090 1/13...

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    Supported AT Commands This table lists the AT commands as supported by the Nokia 810 and Nokia 6090 car phones. Category AT Command V.25ter &C &D +IPR +ICF +IFC +ILRR De facto &S &K 6090 Description Command line termination character...

  • Page 3

    &W &Y GSM 07.07 +CGMI +CGMM +CGMR +CGSN +CSCS +WS46 6090 Description Reset to default configuration Set to factory-defined configuration Request identification information Request TA manufacturer identification Request TA model identification Request TA revision identification Request TA serial number identification...

  • Page 4

    Category AT Command Call control commands V.25ter De facto 6090 Description Dial Select tone dialling Select pulse dialling Answer Hook control Return to online data state Automatic answer Pause before blind dialling Connection completion timeout Comma dial modifier time Automatic disconnect delay...

  • Page 5

    +CREG +COPS +CLCK +CPWD +CLIP +CLIR +COLP +CCFC +CCWA +CHLD +CUSD 6090 Description Select type of address Call mode Hangup call Select bearer service type Radio link protocol Service reporting control Extended error report Cellular result codes Single numbering scheme...

  • Page 6

    +CRES +CNMI +CMGL +CMGR +CNMA +CMGS +CMSS +CMGW +CMGD +CMGC +CMMS 6090 Description Advice of charge Supplementary service notifications Enter PIN Battery charge Signal quality Select phonebook memory storage Read phonebook entries Find phonebook entries Write phonebook entry Enter protocol mode...

  • Page 7

    Category AT Command 6090 Fax commands All Classes +FCLASS +FLO +FPR Class 1 +FDD +FMI +FMM +FMR +FRH +FRM +FRS +FTH +FTM +FTS Class 2 +FAA +FAXERR +FBADLIN +FBADMUL +FBOR +FBUF +FBUG +FCIG +FCQ +FCR +FCTCRTY Description DCE mode select...

  • Page 8

    +FMINSP +FPHCTO +FPTS +FRBC +FREL +FREV +FSPL +FTBC +FVRFC +FWDFC 6090 Description Capabilities parameters Negotiated current session parameters Data encoding format conversion parameter Current session parameters Receive phase C data Transmit phase C data ECM control parameter Transmit page punctuation...

  • Page 9

    +FKS +FLI +FLP +FMI +FMM +FMR +FMS +FNR +FNS +FPI +FPP 6090 Description Adaptive answer Data bit order Buffer size HDLC frame reporting Capabilities parameters Copy quality checking Capability to receive Current session results Phase C response timeout Receive phase C data...

  • Page 10

    +CGQMIN +CGATT +CGACT +CGDATA +CGREG Miscellaneous commands V.25ter NMP specific +CBCIE *NOKIAFBUS 6090 Description Page status Receive quality threshold ECM Retry Count Request to poll DCE mode DTMF generation Define PDP context Quality of service profile (requested) Quality of service profile (minimum acceptable)

  • Page 11

    +VGM +VGS +CKPD=200 Result codes +CIEV +VGM +VGS +BVRA Result codes V.25ter +ILRR 6090 Description Indicator control Mobile Equipment event reporting Last number redial Voice recognition Echo canceling / noice reduction Microphone gain Speaker gain Head-Set button press indications microphone gain changed...

  • Page 12

    Category AT Command 6090 De facto GSM 07.07 +CSSI +COLP +CRING +CLIP +CSSU +CCWA +CREG +CUSD +CME +CHSR GSM 07.05 +CMTI +CMT +CBM +CDSI +CDS +CMS Error values +CME Description Intermediate supplementary service notification Connected line identification report Data service report...

  • Page 13

    +CPAS +EFCS +ETBM For further information on the use of the Nokia 810 car phone please consult the relevant User’s Guides. Copyright © 2003 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia and Nokia Connecting People are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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