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Game Descriptions


Dingle Hunt

A wild battle is raging in space. You control the
course of your space ship between the planets,
trying to destroy any enemy space craft. At the
same time, collect the blue balls to boost your
energy level. Collecting two balls simultaneously
increases your fire power.

Egypt Legend

7 differently shaped blocks are falling down from
the top. Use them to fill all the gaps at the bottom;
only a solid bottom row will disappear. Try to
prevent the bottom rows with gaps from stacking
up before they reach the top.
A: turn right
B: turn left
Control pad: Direction control, accelerate

Space Craft

Manoeuvre your space ship through the battle
ground; shoot at and destroy the enemy space-
craft. But be careful: the enemy is returning fire;
avoid getting hit at any cost to reach the next level.
GB / 9 / 14
A or B: Shoot
Control pad: Move
A or B: Shoot
Control pad: Direction control

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents