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Battery Life; Important Battery Information - Silvercrest Arcade Classic MX Instruction Manual

Arcade classic mx game console instruction manual
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If you do wish to use rechargeable batteries (which is not recommended by
the manufacturer), they will not damage the machine but it may function
abnormally. In any case, the period of use (even if they are the special type
with more than 650 mAh capacity) will be considerably shorter than with
normal batteries.

Battery Life

As a rule the batteries will last several hours, but this depends on various
In the first place it depends on always using batteries of good quality. In
addition the battery life is influenced by the volume of the sound.
If you go against our advice and use rechargeable batteries, the playing
time can be expected to be shorter than with good quality alkaline ones, as
the voltage of rechargeable batteries is only 1.2 V.
The following are signs of low batteries:
The brightness and contrast on the TFT display decrease.
The machine suddenly switches off or returns to its starting screen in
the middle of a game.
The machine will not switch on
In these cases replace the batteries to make the machine work properly
again. Note: The ACL button must be pressed at each battery change.

Important Battery Information

Batteries should only be installed by an adult.
Only use batteries of the recommended type (3 x AAA), and never
mix old and new batteries.
Batteries must always be inserted with the correct polarity (+ or -).
Exhausted batteries are to be removed as soon as possible.
The battery terminals must never be short-circuited!
If the ARCADE CLASSIC is not used for a week or longer, the
batteries should be removed from the unit.
There is a possibility that the unit may be subjected to an electrostatic
charge. Should this occur, restart the unit by taking out the batteries
and pressing the ACL button in the battery compartment; with the
batteries re-inserted, the unit should now function normally again.
Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
Rechargeable batteries are to be removed from the unit before being
Adult supervision is required while charging the batteries.
GB / 5 / 14

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