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Arcade classic mx game console instruction manual
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Care of the Product

To ensure lasting enjoyment of your ARCADE CLASSIC observe the
following guidelines for handling it:
Never let the machine get wet.
Protect it from cold, heat or direct sunlight.
Don't carry your ARCADE CLASSIC around unprotected (for
example in a back pack or handbag), as the display could easily get
scratched by other objects.
We recommend that you cover the display with a transparent
protective film, of the kind supplied for mobile phones, and carry the
machine in a suitable protective case (like those for digital cameras).
On no account press down on the display, as the TFT screen is very
Don't press the buttons too hard.
Don't drop your ARCADE CLASSIC.
Never open the casing of the machine.
Don't let the machine get dirty.
To clean it, always use a dry cloth (preferably microfibre).


Your ARCADE CLASSIC games console incorporates 12 exciting games
of various categories. The following is a brief description of the games and
how to operate them.

Switching On and Selecting a Game

After switching the unit on, the intro theme is displayed, followed by the
main menu.
You can now select one of the 12 games. To do so, highlight it with the
cursor and press A or B to confirm. Now you can get started!
GB / 8 / 14

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents