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Arcade classic mx game console instruction manual


Classic MX
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  • Page 1 Arcade Classic MX Instruction Manual...
  • Page 2: Important Warning

    Important Warning Please read these notes before using the video game or letting your child play with it. Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain flashing lights or other light patterns. Such people may suffer a seizure when playing with computer and video games.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    List of Contents Important Warning................2 List of Contents................. 3 Introduction and Setting Up.............. 4 Product Contents Check.............. 4 Power Supply ................4 3.2.1 Inserting the batteries............4 3.2.2 Using Rechargeable Batteries......... 4 3.2.3 Battery Life ..............5 3.2.4 Important Battery Information........5 The Controls and Their Function..........
  • Page 4: Introduction And Setting Up

    Introduction and Setting Up Congratulations on your new Games Console. We hope you will have a lot of fun with it. Please follow the instructions in this manual to make the best possible use of the product. Product Contents Check The package comprises the following items: ☺...
  • Page 5: Battery Life

    If you do wish to use rechargeable batteries (which is not recommended by the manufacturer), they will not damage the machine but it may function abnormally. In any case, the period of use (even if they are the special type with more than 650 mAh capacity) will be considerably shorter than with normal batteries.
  • Page 6: The Controls And Their Function

    ☺ Do not dispose of exhausted batteries with the household rubbish. Take them to a hazardous waste depot. ☺ Help to protect the environment! The Controls and Their Function 3.3.1 Overview The ARCADE CLASSIC incorporates the following controls: 01 - Reset power 02 - Control pad 03 - A 04 - B...
  • Page 7: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting The machine will not switch on Check whether the batteries are installed correctly (pay attention to the polarity!) and whether the power is sufficient. If necessary, insert new batteries. Check whether you have pressed the On/Off button properly. Did you properly activate the ACL button during the battery change? The picture appears abnormal There can often be electrostatic charges.
  • Page 8: Care Of The Product

    Care of the Product To ensure lasting enjoyment of your ARCADE CLASSIC observe the following guidelines for handling it: ☺ Never let the machine get wet. ☺ Protect it from cold, heat or direct sunlight. ☺ Don’t carry your ARCADE CLASSIC around unprotected (for example in a back pack or handbag), as the display could easily get scratched by other objects.
  • Page 9: Game Descriptions

    Game Descriptions 6.2.1 Dingle Hunt A wild battle is raging in space. You control the course of your space ship between the planets, trying to destroy any enemy space craft. At the same time, collect the blue balls to boost your energy level.
  • Page 10: Zodiac Dreamers

    6.2.4 Zodiac Dreamers Move your launch pad back and forth to catapult the ball in the right direction, shattering the target blocks at the top. To get to the next level, you must destroy the entire wall. Keys: A or B: Shoot Control pad: Direction control 6.2.5 Gem World...
  • Page 11: Double Punch

    6.2.7 Double Punch This game consists of two parts. Encircle the individual squares in order to capture them or to collect points. At the same time, you must fight off or evade your enemy. The game character will leave footprints to show you the track already covered.
  • Page 12: Gogogo

    6.2.10 Gogogo Use your vehicle to escape your pursuers and, at the same time, collect 10 flags to reach the next level up. Keys: A or B: Slow down, break Control pad: Change direction 6.2.11 Go Soccer Collect points by keeping the ball in play for as long as possible, letting it bounce between the players.
  • Page 13: Guarantee Terms

    Guarantee terms You have purchased a quality product from one of the most experienced manufacturers of toys. In addition to your statutory rights, we offer a 36 month manufacturers guarantee with this product under the following conditions. 1) We undertake to repair free of charge any damages and faults in your product which can be traced back to a manufacturing defect, provided we are notified immediately upon detection and within the guarantee period.
  • Page 14 Caution Not suitable for children under 3 years, as small parts may be swallowed. Take good care of this instruction manual, as it contains important information. EU Certificate of Conformity The manufacturers hereby certify that this product conforms to the basic requirements and other relevant regulations laid down in the directives 88/378/eec (toys) and 89/336/eec (EMC).

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