Trouble Shooting - Silvercrest Arcade Classic MX Instruction Manual

Arcade classic mx game console instruction manual
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Trouble shooting

The machine will not switch on
Check whether the batteries are installed correctly (pay attention to the
polarity!) and whether the power is sufficient. If necessary, insert new
batteries. Check whether you have pressed the On/Off button properly. Did
you properly activate the ACL button during the battery change?
The picture appears abnormal
There can often be electrostatic charges. The result can be a flickering
display, lines through the picture, or distorted colours.
If this is the case, switch the ARCADE CLASSIC off and then on again, or
press the RESET button twice. If the problem still persists, you may need
to change the batteries and push the ACL button.
The picture loses brightness and contrast
The batteries are spent and must be replaced.
The speaker has a tinny sound
You may have turned the volume up too high. Turn the knob the other way
to reduce it.
The machine automatically reverts to its initial display
The batteries may be spent and need replacing.
A game doesn't work properly or has 'crashed'
Press the RESET button and start the game again.
Note also that you may have been using the wrong controls. Carefully read
the instructions for the game in question. Also check whether the batteries
are exhausted.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents