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Gogogo; Go Soccer; Save A Queen; Interrupting A Game & Switching Off - Silvercrest Arcade Classic MX Instruction Manual

Arcade classic mx game console instruction manual
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Use your vehicle to escape your pursuers and, at
the same time, collect 10 flags to reach the next
level up.

Go Soccer

Collect points by keeping the ball in play for as
long as possible, letting it bounce between the
players. Use the appropriate flipper to shoot the
ball at the opponent's goal.

Save a Queen

Princess Lola is being kept prisoner in a cage.
Make your way to the cage while avoiding the
moving blocks and, simultaneously, collect all the
diamonds. But watch out: between the blocks, the
enemy is lurking. Finally, you must defeat the
monster before you can rescue Lola.
Interrupting a game & Switching off
To interrupt a game, press the RESET button. You are now back at the
main menu.
The unit can also be switched off completely by pressing and holding the
ON switch.
GB / 12 / 14
A or B: Slow down, break
Control pad: Change direction
A: right flipper
B: left flipper
Control pad: Launch the ball
A or B: Shoot
Control pad: upwards, downwards

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Table of Contents