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Operation Of Wireless Remote Control - Sharp AH-A18LCA Operation Manual

Split type air conditioner
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Operation of wireless remote control

Names and functions of wireless remote control
Note: Be sure that there are no obstructions between receiver and remote control.
Don't drop or throw the remote control. Don't let any liquid flow into the remote control
and put the remote control directly under the sunlight or any place where is very hot.
Signal transmitter
Remote control
ON/OFF button
Press this button, the unit will be turned on,
press it once more, the unit will be turned
off. When turning on or turning off the unit,
the Timer, Sleep function will be cancelled,
but the presetting time is still remained.
MODE button
Press this button, Auto, Cool,Dry, Fan,
mode can be selected circularly.
Auto mode is default while power on.
Under Auto mode,the temperature will not
be displayed.
(only for heat pump series)
SLEEP button
Press this button, Sleep On and Sleep
Off can be selected. After powered on,Sleep
Off is defaulted. After the unit is turned
off, the Sleep function is cancelled. After
Sleep function set up, the signal of Sleep
will display. In this mode, the time of timer
can be adjusted. Under Fan and Auto
modes, this function is not available.
FAN button
Press this button, Auto, Low, Medium, High
speed can be circularly selected. After
powered on,Auto fan speed is default.
Under DRY mode, Low fan speed
only can be set up.
Low fan
High fan
CLOCK button
Press this button, the clock can be set up,
blink and display.Within 5
seconds, the value can be adjusted by
pressing + or - button, if continuously
press this button for 2 seconds or above,
in every 0.5 seconds, the value on ten place
of Minute will be increased by 1. During blinking,
repress the Clock button, signal
constantly displayed and it denotes the
setting succeeded. After powered on, 12:00
is defaulted to display and signal
be displayed. If there is no signal
displayed that denotes the current time
value is Clock value, otherwise is Timer value.
LIGHT button
Press this button to select LIGHT on or off
in the monitor. When the LIGHT on is
set,the icon
will be displayed and the
indicator light in the monitor will be on.
When the LIGHT off is set, the icon
be not displayed and the indicator light in
the monitor will be off.
Medium fan
will be



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