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Notices For Installation - Sharp AH-A18LCA Operation Manual

Split type air conditioner
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Notices for installation

The unit installation work must be done by qualified personnel according to the local
rules and this manual.
Before installation, please contact SHARP authorized service center, if unit is
not installed by the SHARP authorized service center, the malfunction may not be
solved, due to discommodious contacts.
When removing the unit to other places, please contact SHARP authorized service
Basic Requirements For Installation Position
Install in the following place may cause malfunction. If it is unavoidable, contact SHARP
authorized service center please:
Place where strong heat sources, vapors, flammable gas or volatile object are emitted.
Place where high-frequency waves are generated by radio equipment, welders and
medical equipment.
Place where a lot of salinities such as coast exists.
Place where the oil (machine oil) is contained in the air.
Place where a sulfured gas such as the hot spring zones is generated.
Other place with special circumstances.
Indoor Unit Installation Position Selection
The air inlet and outlet vent should be far from the obstruction, make sure that the air
can be blown through the whole room.
Select a position where the condensing water can be easily drained out, and the place
is easily connected to outdoor unit.
Select a location where the children can not reach.
Select the place where is strong enough to withstand the full weight and vibration of
the unit. And will not increase the noise.
Be sure to leave enough space to allow access for routine maintenance. The height of the
installed location should be 250cm or more from the floor.
Select a place about 1m or more away from TVset or any other electric appliances.
Select a place where the filter can be easily taken out.
Make sure that the indoor unit installation should accord with installation dimension
diagram requirements.
Important Notices



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