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Canon PIXMA MP150 Service Manual

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Copyright 2006, Canon U.S.A. This technical publication is the proprietary and confidential information of Canon U.S.A. which
shall be retained for reference purposes by Authorized Service Facilities of Canon U.S.A. Its unauthorized use is prohibited.



  Summary of Contents for Canon PIXMA MP150

  • Page 1: Service Manual

    PIXMA MP150 SERVICE MANUAL Canon Copyright 2006, Canon U.S.A. This technical publication is the proprietary and confidential information of Canon U.S.A. which shall be retained for reference purposes by Authorized Service Facilities of Canon U.S.A. Its unauthorized use is prohibited.
  • Page 2: Product List

    1. PRODUCT LIST 1-1. Main Units Product name Product code Sales territories Remarks 0575B002AA Canon Ink Jet Printer MP150 0575B003AA 0575B004AA LAM LTR 0575B005AA 0575B006AA 0575B007AA 0575B008AA 0575B009AA 0575B010AA 0575B011AA 0575B012AA 0575B013AA 0575B014AA LAM A4 1-2. Consumables Product name Product code...
  • Page 3: Product Specifications

    2. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 2-1. Printer Main Unit Specifications Paper feeding method Resolution 4,800 x 1,200 dpi (max.) Printing speed Approx. 55 sec. (PP-101, 4 x 6, borderless printing, default print quality settings) For reference: Draft Standard Black (J/E) 22 ppm 13.4 ppm Color (J/E) 17 ppm...
  • Page 4 (2-1, Printer Main Unit Specifications cont’d) Power supply Input voltage / Frequency AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60Hz Power consumption: During printing Approx. 13 W Stand-by status Approx. 2 W External dimensions - With the paper support extended: Approx. 443 (W) x 436 (D) x 453 (H) mm - With the paper support retracted: Approx.
  • Page 5 Print layout - 1 photo per page (borderless/with borders) - Index printing Throughput Approx. 69 seconds, with the following conditions and settings: - A photo from a 5 mega-pixel digital camera - PP-101 4” x 6” - ExifPrint/Standard - Process from pressing the printing start button to ejecting paper 2-2 Product Life Specified print volume or the years of use, whichever comes first.
  • Page 6 <Supported ink cartridges by models> Ink cartridge Standard High capacity Model PG-40 BK CL-41 CL PG-50 BK CL-51 CL MP150 Standard package Standard package Usable as an Usable as an option option (6/24)
  • Page 7: Error Display

    3. ERROR DISPLAY The errors / alarms occurred in the printer is displayed as follows: 1) In Operator Call Error, the Alarm LED is lit to display an error. (In a service mode, an error is displayed by the Alarm LED blinking.) Service Call Error is displayed by the number of the Alarm LED blinking.
  • Page 8 (2-1, Printer Main Unit Specifications cont’d) Failed to scan head After releasing the error by alignment sheet. pressing the OK button, do head alignment again. (Print the head alignment sheet again.) Check the followings. - The correct media type, size (plain paper, A4/LTR). - The head alignment sheet is printed properly.
  • Page 9 3-2. Service Call Error Solution Error code Error (Replacement of listed parts, which are likely to be faulty) - Carriage unit (Main unit) E,2,2 5100 Carriage error - Timing slit strip film - Logic board ass'y - Carriage motor (Main unit) - Timing sensor ass'y E,2,3 6000...
  • Page 10 3-3. Ink Low Warning (Ink low warnings are displayed by the Status Monitor only when the remaining ink level detection is enabled, and no Status Monitor display when disabled.) Note: The Status Monitor display in the table below is for Windows. Warning Display by Status Monitor Ink low warning 1 (approx.
  • Page 11: Service Mode

    4. REPAIR 4.1 Notes on Service Part Replacement (and Disassembling/Reassembling) in Asia Service part Notes on replacement Adjustment/settings Operation check Logic board ass’y - Detach the logic board After replacement: - EEPROM print (QM2-3163) ass’y about one minute 1. Initialize the - Service test print after removing the EEPROM.
  • Page 12 <Service mode operation procedures> 1) With the printer powered off but connected to a power source, press the Power button while pressing and holding the Stop/ Reset button. 2) When the Power LED is lit, press the Stop/Reset button two times while pressing and holding the Power button. 3) When releasing the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order), the printer will move into a service mode.
  • Page 13 <Destination setting procedures> At Logic board replacement, make settings for each destination. The number of the Reset Destination Paper for defaulte setting button pressing 0 time Green No change 1 time Orange Japan 2 times Green Korea 3 times Orange US/Canada Letter 4 times...
  • Page 14 5. EXTERNAL VIEW / PARTS LIST (for Asia) 5-1. External Parts, Power Supply Unit, Logic Board Ass’y 5-2. Print Unit (13/24)
  • Page 15 Parts List Part Number Rank Q'ty Description Remark QC1-7720-000 EMBLEM, PIXMA QM2-2786-000 DOCUMENT PRESSURE PLATE ASS'Y QC1-7588-000 SHEET, DOCUMENT PRESSURE QC1-7769-000 LABEL, PANEL EUM, EMB QC1-7617-000 COVER, LED CA, LAM LTR COVER, LED QC1-7758-000 EUM, EMB, GB QC1-8884-000 COVER, LED QC1-8885-000 COVER, LED QC1-8886-000...
  • Page 16: Printer Main Unit Troubleshooting Flowchart

    6. TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHART 6-1. Printer Main Unit Troubleshooting Flowchart (how to confirm printer operation at refurbishment) Power ON Service Call Error? Open access cover, and install print head Service Call Error? Connect to computer < Shipment inspection pattern check items> Shipment inspection See 4.
  • Page 17 6-2. Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Flowchart (ink cartridge operation confirmation) Connect to computer Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Ink cartridge cleaning Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Ink cartridge deep cleaning Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Ink cartridge deep cleaning Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Replace ink cartridges Nozzle check pattern printing...
  • Page 18: Special Notes On Servicing

    7. SPECIAL NOTES ON SERVICING 7-1. Notes on the Waste Ink Absorber (for absorbing waste ink when doing borderless printing) Replacement. After the waste ink absorber shown below was replaced, check if head-to-paper distance between the chassis and platen is correct. Because the chassis and platen (or other parts) have to be removed to replace the ink absorber, head-to-paper distance may be misaligned.
  • Page 19 8. PRODUCT TECHNICAL INFORMATION 8-1. FAQ (Problems specific to the iP150, and their corrective actions) Function Phenomenon Possible Call / Claim Corrective action Cause Installation Carriage error (Alarm and Power - The LEDs blink alternately in orange Remove the packing material fixing the The user may not have removed the LEDs blink alternately 2 times).
  • Page 20 (8-1. FAQ (Problems specific to the iP150 and corrective actions) cont’d) Function Phenomenon Possible Call / Claim Corrective action Cause Image Smearing on printed side. - Smear on the printed side of paper 1. Correct the paper curl. The edge of paper rises due when paper quality - Cannot print properly 2.
  • Page 21 8-2. Major Functions (1) Quiet mode The printer has a quiet mode function. Compared with the normal mode, Acoustic noise level: HS normal approx. 55.0 dB, Quiet approx. 46.9 dB Audible overtone level: Sound quality changes, and sound becomes quieter. Print speed: Slows.
  • Page 22 (3) Deep cleaning The printer has a deep cleaning (refreshing) function. Deep cleaning (refreshing): This is a deep cleaning function in order to resolve print failure due to ink clogging the nozzles. <Possible problems with this function> - Excessive ink consumption when conducting deep cleaning repeatedly. (The amount of ink used is approx.
  • Page 23: Appendix 1: Shipment Inspection Pattern

    APPENDIX 1: SHIPMENT INSPECTION PATTERN 1 <EEPROM information contents> On the service test print(sample below), confirm the EEPROM information as shown below. (The information Is given in the upper portion of the printout.) Destination(model name) Rom version Main Ink absorber waste ink amount(%) Platen Ink absorber waste ink amount(%) Reserved for factory use USB serial number...
  • Page 24: Appendix 2: Eeprom Information Print

    APPENDIX 2: EEPROM INFORMATION PRINT <How to read EEPROM information print> Print sample: i MP150 US V1.00 IF(USB2=1) D=008.0 Ds 000.0 ST=2005/06/25-16:41 ER(ER0=1000 ER1=5100) LPT=2006/07/04-10:25 PC(M=000 R=000 T=011 D=000 C=000) CLT(2005/06/30-11:34) CT(BK_ST=002 BK_HC=002 CL_ST=000 CL_HC=000) IS(BK=0 M=0 C=0 Y=0) IC(BK=02150 M=02435 C=02001 Y=02081) P_ON(S=00115) M_REG=1 UR(A(CLsi)=000 B(BKoe)=000 C(BKsi)=000 D(BKbi)=000 E(BkClx)=+04 F(BkCly)=000 G(Cbi)=+01 H(SCbi)=+01 I(C-SC)=000 J(Mbi)=000 K(SMbi)=000 L(M_SM)=000)
  • Page 25 (CLsi/BKoe/BKsi/Bkbi/BkClx/BkCly/Cbi/SCbi/C-SC/Mbi/Smbi/M-SM) 16: Wiping count 17: Camera Direct Print-supported device connection record (LG, Canon PictBridge, Other PictBridge) 18: Longest period of non-printing 19: Number of all pages fed (total, number of copying sheets) 20: Number of pages fed from ASF (total, plain paper, High Resolution Paper6Matte Photo Paper, Photo Paper Pro6Photo Paper Plus Glossy &...