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Maintenance - JVC KV-C10 Instructions Manual

Jvc mobile tv tuner system instructions
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To prevent damage to the system exterior
• Do not apply pesticides, benzine, thinner or other volatile substances to the unit.
The cabinet surface primarily consists of plastic materials.
• Do not wipe with benzine, thinner or similar substances because this will result in discoloration
or removal of the paint.
• When a cloth with a cleansing chemical is used, follow the caution points:
– Do not leave the unit in contact with rubber or vinyl products for long periods of time.
– Do not use cleansers which have polishing granules because this could damage the surface
of the unit.
Clean dirt by wiping lightly with a soft cloth
When the unit is very dirty, wipe with a well-wrung cloth dipped in a kitchen cleanser (neutral)
thinned by water and then go over the same surface with a dry cloth.
(Since there is the possibility of water drops getting inside of the unit, do not directly apply
cleanser to the surface.)
If water drops or similar wet substances get inside of the monitor via the liquid crystal panel surface,
it may cause a malfunction.



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