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Siemens VIS3I-328 Installation Manual

Integrated system unit.
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Visilynx 3
Integrated System Unit
Installation Manual
Building Technologies
Fire Safety & Security Products


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   Summary of Contents for Siemens VIS3I-328

  • Page 1

    VIS3I-328 Visilynx 3 Integrated System Unit Installation Manual Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products...

  • Page 2

    Data and design subject to change without notice. / Supply subject to availability. © 2008 Copyright by Siemens Building Technologies We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject thereof. By acceptance of the document the recipient acknowledges these rights and undertakes not to publish the document nor the subject thereof in full or in part, nor to make them available to any third party without our prior express written authorisation, nor to use it for any purpose other than for which it was delivered to him.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Connecting a quad card output to a video input ........34 Distributed video switching using a VisiWire or PCCON network ..35 9.6.1 Setting the node address ................35 9.6.2 Determining how VIS3I-328 unit nodes can be networked.....36 9.6.3 Connecting VIS3I-328 unit nodes using trunk connections ....36 9.6.4 Configuring network alarms ..............39 9.6.5...

  • Page 4

    Policy.......................46 10.2.2 Line replaceable units (LRUs)..............46 10.2.3 Fault indications ..................47 10.3 System fault-finding process ..............48 10.3.1 Initial checks....................48 10.3.2 Diagnostic tool..................48 10.3.3 Self-test alarms ..................49 10.3.4 VisiPC self-tests ..................50 Disposal ....................55 Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 5: Safety

    Danger of electrical shock due to incorrect connection Use the device only in conjunction with a power supply cable that has been approved in your country and complies with the national standards. Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 6: Meaning Of The Signal Words

    Warning of a hazard Standards and guidelines The product meets the requirements of the following EU Directives. The EU declaration of conformity is available from: Siemens Building Technologies Fire & Security Products GmbH & Co. oHG 76181 Karlsruhe Germany EU Directive 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility...

  • Page 7: Technical Data

    Technical data Specifications Single VIS3I-328 Expanded VIS3I-328 Pair Video Connections Input connectors 32 BNC 64 BNC Input level 0.7 – 1.5 Vpp Input impedance 75 Ohm Loop-through connectors 32 BNC 64 BNC Output connectors 8 BNC 16 BNC Output impedance...

  • Page 8: Mechanical Dimensions

    7 8 9 Fig. 1 Mechanical dimensions 352 mm 432 mm 365 mm 57 mm 356 mm 132 mm (264 mm for expanded VIS3I-328 Pair) 481 mm 140 mm 465 mm Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 9: Details For Ordering

    S54567-K752 Visilynx 3 PCCON Cable 0.20 kg Scope of delivery 1 x VIS3I-328 System Unit 2 x Rack Mount Brackets 1 x Mains Lead, UK (Located in packaging) 1 x Mains Lead, European (Located in packaging) 1 x Data Cable for PC Configuration (Located in packaging) 1 x Installation Instruction 1 x CD for VisiPC Software &...

  • Page 10: Description Of Equipment

    You can expand any VIS3I-328, by fitting up to two optional Visilynx 3 quad cards (Type VIS3-QUAD). In a single VIS3I-328 with 8 monitor outputs, each quad card makes available the equivalent of an additional 4 monitor outputs.

  • Page 11: Enclosure

    Enclosure Fig. 2 VIS3I-328 enclosure The VIS3I-328 enclosure comprises four main parts: Base assembly Cover Front panel Rack mount brackets (optional) The base assembly is fabricated from 1.2 mm zintec sheet with a natural finish. It provides fasteners for mounting the cooling fan and the control card. Cut-outs are provided on the rear panel for the mounting the input/output connectors (see chapter 6.6 Rear panel connections and controls).

  • Page 12: Printed Circuit Boards (pcbs)

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) The VIS3I-328 contains four printed circuit boards (PCBs) to provide control, configuration, access to the input/output connectors and interfacing to the two option cards. The PCBs are: Control PCB BNC Connector PCB D Connector PCB Slot Expansion PCB The PCBs are fixed within the unit enclosure and are therefore not considered to be user serviceable parts.

  • Page 13: Power Supply Module Vis3i-psu

    +5.2 V DC / 8.5 A -5.2 V DC / 4 A Line regulation ± 0.5 % Ripple and noise ± 1.0 % max 127.0 × 81.3 × 38.1 mm Dimensions (L x W x H) Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 14: Cooling Fan

    A fixed speed DC fan that forces air through the enclosure intake vent, across the PCBs and power supply, and out of the exhaust vent. Specification Input 12 V DC × × Dimensions (L 80 x 80 x 25 mm Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 15: Front Panel Indicators

    Front panel indicators The VIS3I-328 unit has 40 single colour LED indicators on the front panel. The LEDs are located in 4 distinct groups: Indicator Group Number of LED Mode Network Relays Video Loss Fig. 6 Front panel indicators Indicator...

  • Page 16: Rear Panel Connections And Controls

    Rear panel connections and controls You make all external connections to the VIS3I-328 via the rear panel. The connections are divided into these distinct groups: Fig. 7 Rear panel connectors and controls Video Inputs Video loop-throughs Video Outputs D-type Telemetry Quad Outputs Video &...

  • Page 17

    Quad Composite Video Out A-B BNC Female Inner Signal Only used by option card, if fitted Outer Ground Quad A-B Quad S-Video Out A-B 4-pin MiniDIN Female Only used by option card, if fitted Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 18

    Push and release to reset the processor Network Address Address of node on network Rotary hex Left switch is hex address Sixteen’s Right switch is hex address Units Rear panel controls Tab. 2 Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 19: Firmware And Software

    Firmware and software Tab. 3 Keyboard compatibility VIS3I-328 is compatible with earlier Visilynx 3 keyboards that show SW218-5 on their LCD when switched on. However, VIS3I-328 systems using these keyboards should not enable camera bi-directional telemetry alarms 1190 to 1701 for keyboard access.

  • Page 20: Quad Card Vis3-quad

    Quad card VIS3-QUAD Only service personnel should open the VIS3I-328, after first disconnecting the CAUTION mains power supply. Fig. 8 Quad card (VIS3-QUAD) Purpose Displays four pictures on a single video output in real time, with each segment controllable as a separate monitor number (see chapter 4 Details for ordering).

  • Page 21: Installation

    Installation Installing option cards You can add one or two quad cards to each VIS3I-328. Each quad card allows any four of the video inputs to that node to be displayed in quad format on a dedicated quad monitor video output.

  • Page 22: Connecting Two Vis3i-328 Units For Expansion

    Connecting two VIS3I-328 units for expansion You can connect two VIS3I-328 units together using a single expansion cable to enlarge the video matrix node to 64 loop-through inputs by 16 outputs. When you connect two units in this fashion, you need to set one unit to be the master unit in the node and connect it to the Visilynx control network.

  • Page 23: Commissioning

    Check the contents of the shipping package against the packing note. Connect a PC running VisiPC software The VIS3I-328 incorporates an RS232 Test/Config connector port on the rear panel which allows connection, via a 9-way to 9-way interface lead (Type VIS3- CONF), to a PC for system configuration and testing using the VisiPC software.

  • Page 24: Set Visipc Default Product To Integrated

    From the Options drop down menu highlight Default Product and select Integrated. NOTE This ensures that factory set default data applicable to VIS3I-328 is always loaded when the New option is selected at the File drop-down menu. Connect and power up the VIS3I-328s...

  • Page 25: Confirm Software Versions

    8.6.1 Set clock time On a new unit, we recommend that you set the internal clock on the VIS3I-328 to the current PC time. You can do this on the VisiPC (Visilynx 3 Configurator) sub- program. From the Transfer drop-down menu, select Date/Time.

  • Page 26: Visipc Self-test

    8.6.3 VisiPC self-test Start up tests When you start the unit, the VIS3I-328 controller software does the following, without being instructed by VisiPC: Tests the stored program, data and key electronics. Auto-detects the Slave expansion unit and any installed option cards.

  • Page 27: Load New Configuration As Necessary

    Operations Manual. Load Asian display font data If you are using the VIS3I-328 units in an Asian country, you may need to install the combined European and Asian display font data using VisiPC, as only the European display font data is installed during manufacture.

  • Page 28: System Integration

    CAUTION keyboard connector supply, or damage may occur. RS-485 cable wiring is as follows. NOTE The cable screen is grounded at the VIS3I-328 connector shell, and is only linked to the next cable screen at each keyboard connector. VIS3I-328 Cable...

  • Page 29: Connecting Cka Keyboards

    CKA keyboard master protocol. The connection details for the available serial ports are detailed in Tab. 9 and Tab. 10. VIS3I-328 RS-232 Port Pin CKA Port COM1A Pin RS-232 CKA keyboard cable wiring for ports 1,3 & 4 Tab.

  • Page 30

    Tab. 14 shows the CKA4820 keys assigned to the VIS3I-328 functions Action Presses Matrix Operation n Mon Select Monitor n n Cam Select Camera n n Start Start Video Sequence n n Stop Stop Video Sequence n PTZ Operation Joystick...

  • Page 31: Connecting Alarm Inputs

    Connecting alarm inputs You can connect a total of 128 alarm inputs to a VIS3I-328, making a total of 256 alarms inputs for each expanded node. You can connect Volt-free contacts from external alarm sources directly to the alarm connector on the rear panel of the unit (see Fig. 7).

  • Page 32: Connecting A Vcr/dvr And Multiplexer

    If you need to control the MPXs and VCR/DVRs from the Visilynx keyboard or PCCON remote control input, then you have to connect the VIS3I-328 serial control ports on the rear panel to these devices using RS-232 cables, which must observe the pinouts shown in Tab.

  • Page 33

    To prevent this, tick the Blank All Monitor Text box on the VisiPC (Visilynx3 Configurator) Camera Settings screen for each camera used as a multiplexer or DVR return input. This blanks all the VIS3I-328 text on any monitor to which these cameras are connected.

  • Page 34: Connecting A Quad Card Output To A Video Input

    DVRs generally do not require multiplexers as VCRs do, so you can connect them directly to the VIS3I-328 loop through outputs, as shown. You can also connect multiplexer or DVR monitor outputs back to the VIS3I-328 camera inputs for routing to monitors, also as shown.

  • Page 35: Distributed Video Switching Using A Visiwire Or Pccon Network

    Distributed video switching using a VisiWire or PCCON network You can connect up to 127 nodes, made up of a mixture of VIS3I-328 units, together to form a distributed video switching matrix using the VisiWire or PCCON network system. You make the video connections between the nodes using coaxial cables, or other third-party video transmission systems.

  • Page 36: Determining How Vis3i-328 Unit Nodes Can Be Networked

    Video may pass through one or more 'hop nodes' between camera and ‘monitor nodes’. The number of available serial ports determines the number of other nodes that can be connected to a VIS3I-328 node, because one port is required for each node connection. Type of node...

  • Page 37

    For ease of installation, trunk video and network data cabling always go together. In order to use each VIS3I-328 unit in a network, you need to set up its configuration file using the VisiPC Configurator software. As an example, the changes that are required to the VisiPC Configurator software screens for each of the three units shown in Fig.

  • Page 38

    ROAD from node EAST is switched, a Remote Prefix of 4 will display EAST:ROAD (limited to 16 characters total). Screen Parameter Value Global System Settings Nodes Node trunks Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 39: Configuring Network Alarms

    Configuring network alarms on a remote VIS3I-328 node Tab. 25 The steps required to configure a local node's keyboard(s) to accept alarms from other nodes over the network are listed in Tab. 26.

  • Page 40: Connecting Vis3i-328 To Visilynx 2 Nodes Using Pccon

    9.6.5 Connecting VIS3I-328 to Visilynx 2 nodes using PCCON From software version 2.24, VIS3I-328 units can control a Visilynx 2 matrix as if it were a Visilynx 3 node, using the PCCON protocol, but with limited functionality as follows: Function...

  • Page 41

    PIN support Must be enabled for the 309 card keyboard User Timeout Must be zero for the 309 card keyboard Visilynx 2 configuration and settings for use as a VIS3I-328 node Tab. 29 V2 Connector VIS3I-328 Connector 309 PCCON Card Top Connector...

  • Page 42: Controlling 256 Cameras X 64 Monitors (banked Switching; Not Full Cross Point)

    Controlling 256 cameras x 64 monitors (banked switching; not full cross point) Even an expanded VIS3I-328 node is limited to 16 monitors. By using an extra VIS3I-328 switched to bridge mode A it is possible to control a multi-node matrix with up to 256 cameras and 64 monitors.

  • Page 43

    Alarms for the chosen trunk inputs must have their type set to either trunk or none. Tab. 33 shows example configuration changes for bridge mode A controlling four expanded VIS3I-328 remote nodes. Screen Parameter...

  • Page 44: Controlling 64 Cameras X 64 Monitors (full Cross Point)

    49 to 64 Bridge mode B addressing Tab. 35 Fig. 15 Bridge mode B layout; 64 x 64 full cross point Cameras 1 to 64 VIS3I-328 Monitor Node Monitors 1-16 Monitors 17-32 Monitors 33-48 Monitors 49-64 VIS3I-328 Bridge Unit Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety &...

  • Page 45: Controlling Via The Video Management Software Ivm

    Cameras Controlling via the Video Management Software IVM It is possible to have a VIS3I-328 controlled from IVM (V3.4.5 or higher) using any suitable RS232 serial port. Tab. 1 details the serial port connections. Using VisiPC set the serial port function to Remote control input using the IVM remote control (no Bus ID) or IVM remote (Bus ID=Keyboard) protocol as required.

  • Page 46: Maintenance And Service

    10.1 Routine maintenance Cleaning The only routine maintenance task to be conducted on the VIS3I-328 unit is cleaning at regular intervals. The regularity of the cleaning task will depend on the environmental conditions. Strong abrasive detergents should not be used.

  • Page 47: 10.2.3 Fault Indications

    Alarms Alarms are generated by a variety of sources in the CCTV system. Depending on the installation, they are mostly fed to the VIS3I-328, where their actions are determined by the software configuration file. However, in larger installations, some alarms (e.g. rack frame power failure) may be wired directly to an integrated control room.

  • Page 48: System Fault-finding Process

    10.3 System fault-finding process Because of the number of ways you can see a fault of the VIS3I-328, we recommend that you should always follow a predetermined logical process for fault-finding. NOTE The VIS3I-328 must be powered down before you replace any LRU(s).

  • Page 49: 10.3.3 Self-test Alarms

    The logical alarm numbers that are seen in the Alarm Lists at VisiPC, PCCON and V3 keyboards. NOTE Not all alarms denote failures of VIS3I-328 units. Some are due to failures of cabling or controlled devices, such as VCR/DVRs and multiplexers. Physical...

  • Page 50: 10.3.4 Visipc Self-tests

    Tests all serial port to all serial ports connections via external loopback connectors Real-time clock Unused None Tests the clock device SCB registers Unused None Tests internal Serial Control Bus communication Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 51

    VIS3I-328 – VisiPC self-tests Tab. 38 Serial port external loopback connectors The self-test external loopback tests confirm that the serial ports are working correctly. To conduct this test you need to fit special test plug connectors to each of the serial ports.

  • Page 52

    This test is therefore best conducted once installation is complete. To run the test: Select the VisiPC Self-Test Tab. Select the Test Type to Video Routing from the Run Tests button. Press the Send button. Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 53

    Serial Ports Test Results (up to 21 sets of external loopback results, one per communication channel Data transmission and reception Total bytes received Channel number, Byte count sent, Bytes received. Data integrity Total bytes not Channel number, matching Byte count. Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 54

    Summary: total passes, warnings, failures Summary of all test Passes, results Warnings, Failures VisiPC self-test results Tab. 41 NOTE The log only shows the results of those tests that have been carried out since power-up. Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 55: Disposal

    It is a precondition for reuse and recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment. For more detailed information about disposal of your old appliance, please contact your city office, waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Products 10.2008...

  • Page 56

    Issued by © 2008 Copyright by Siemens Building Technologies Siemens Building Technologies Fire & Security Products GmbH & Co. oHG Data and design subject to change without notice. D-76181 Karlsruhe Supply subject to availability. Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany

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