Husqvarna ST 327T Operator's Manual

Husqvarna ST 327T Operator's Manual

Husqvarna st 327t walk-behind snow throwers
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Operator's Manual
ST 327T
Gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol (E10) is acceptable for use in this machine.
The use of any gasoline exceeding 10% ethanol (E10) will void the product warranty.
Please read the owner's manual carefully and make sure you
115 68 66-26
understand the instructions before using the machine.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Husqvarna ST 327T

  • Page 1 Operator’s Manual ST 327T Gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol (E10) is acceptable for use in this machine. The use of any gasoline exceeding 10% ethanol (E10) will void the product warranty. Please read the owner's manual carefully and make sure you...
  • Page 2: Safety Rules

    IMPORTANT Safe Operation Practices for Walk-Behind Snow Throwers This snow thrower is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury. WARNING: Snow throwers have ex- Look for this symbol to point out im- posed rotating parts, which can cause por tant safety precautions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    6. When cleaning, repairing or inspecting the snow 17. When using your snowthrower for long periods of time thrower, stop the engine and make certain the collector/ in deep snow, be aware of snow and ice build up be- impeller and all moving parts have stopped. Disconnect tween the track components.
  • Page 4 PARTS PACKED SEPARATELY IN CARTON (1) RETAINER SPRINGS (169675) (1) MULTI- SAFTEY (1) WASHER 3/8 (1) LOCKNUT 3/8 WRENCH IGNITION KEY (S) (73800600) (19131316) (180684) (443059) (6) LOCKNUTS (6) SHEAR BOLTS 1/4-20 x 1-3/4 1/4-20 (585511801) (73800400) (2) FLAT WASHERS SKID PLATES (2) CARRIAGE BOLTS (1) LOCKNUT...
  • Page 5: Assembly / Pre-Operation

    ASSEMBLY / PRE-OPERATION Read these instructions and this manual in its entirety INSTALL SPEED CONTROL ROD (See Figs. 1 and 2) before you attempt to assemble or operate your new 1. Remove plastic tie securing rod to lower handle. snow thrower. Reading the entire manual will familiar- 2.
  • Page 6 ASSEMBLY / PRE-OPERATION INSTALL TRACTION DRIVE CONTROL ROD INSTALL AUGER CONTROL ROD (See Figs. 5 and 6) (See Figs. 3 and 4) The auger control rod is installed on the snow thrower. The traction drive control rod is installed on the snow thrower. 1.
  • Page 7 ASSEMBLY / PRE-OPERATION INSTALL DISCHARGE CHUTE / CHUTE ROTATOR INSTALL CHUTE DEFLECTOR REMOTE CONTROL HEAD (See Fig. 7) (See Figs. 8 and 9) 1. Install remote cable bracket to discharge chute with NOTE: The multi-wrench provided in your parts bag may 5/16-18 carriage bolt and 5/16-18 locknut as shown.
  • Page 8: Operation

    OPERATION KNOW YOUR SNOW THROWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND ALL SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR SNOW THROWER. Compare the illustrations with your snow thrower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. These symbols may appear on your snow thrower or in literature supplied with the product.
  • Page 10 OPERATION To operate the height adjust mechanism, using your TRANSPORT AND HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT foot, push down on the pedal, tilt the unit to align OF SNOW THROWER the pins with the selected height position and slowly release foot pressure until the pins are seated in the TO TRANSPORT (See Figs.
  • Page 11 OPERATION The operation of any snow thrower can result TO USE THROTTLE CONTROL (See Fig. 16) in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which The throttle control is located on the engine. Always op er ate can result in severe eye damage. Always wear the snow thrower with the engine at full throttle.
  • Page 12 OPERATION TO MOVE FORWARD AND BACKWARD (See Fig. 20) TO THROW SNOW (See Fig. 18) SELF-PROPELLING, forward and reverse movement of The auger rotation is controlled by the auger control lever the snow thrower, is controlled by the traction drive control located on the right side handle.
  • Page 13: Before Starting The Engine

    OPERATION POWER STEERING OPERATION (See Fig. 21) SCRAPER BAR (See Fig. 22) Steering triggers are used to assist in steering your snow After considerable use the scraper bar may become worn. thrower. The triggers are located on the underside of each Replace a damaged or worn scraper bar.
  • Page 14 OPERATION 4. Rotate choke control to “FULL ” position. CAUTION: Alcohol blended fuels (called gas o- hol or using ethanol or methanol) can attract 5. Connect the power cord to the engine. moisture which leads to separation and for ma- 6.
  • Page 15: Snow Throwing Tips

    OPERATION IF RECOIL STARTER HAS FROZEN If the recoil starter has frozen and will not turn the engine, proceed as follows: 1. Grasp the recoil starter handle and slowly pull as much rope out of the starter as possible. 2. Release the recoil starter handle and let it snap back against the starter.
  • Page 16: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE GENERAL REC OM MEN DA TIONS LUBRICATION CHART ➀ The warranty on this snow thrower does not cover items SAE 30 Motor Oil that have been sub ject ed to operator abuse or negligence. ➁ See “ENGINE” in To receive full value from the warranty, operator must Maintenance section maintain snow thrower as in struct ed in this manual.
  • Page 17 MAINTENANCE BELTS NOTE: The left side track may be removed from snow thrower for easier access to the oil drain plug and place- Check belts for deterioration and wear after every 50 hours ment of a suitable container. The unit tilted, resting on the of operation and replace if necessary.
  • Page 18: Service And Adjustments

    SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS IMPELLER SHEAR BOLTS WARNING: To avoid serious injury, before The impeller is secured to the impeller shaft with two (2) performing any service or ad just ments: capscrew/shear bolts and hex nuts. Should a foreign object 1. Be sure the on/off switch is in the or ice become lodged in the impeller, the capscrews are OFF position.
  • Page 19 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS TO REPLACE BELTS (See Fig. 27) HINT: Insert a 3/8" drive ratchet (in the “ON” position) into the square hole in idler arm and rotate ratchet clockwise The auger and traction drive belts are not adjustable. If the to relieve tension.
  • Page 20 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS ENGINE TO REMOVE TRACKS (See Fig. 28) Remove cross brace by removing 2 bolts, lock SEE ENGINE MANUAL. washers and washers from the left and right track assemblies and pulling brace out. CARBURETOR Remove the 2 large springs attached to inside of Your carburetor is not adjustable.
  • Page 21 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS INSTRUCTIONS FOR ADJUSTING POWER STEERING NOTE: Figure 33 shows the bellcrank positioned too low, causing hard disengagement or self-disengagement while CABLES (See Figs. 30-35) driving. Power steering cables can be adjusted to improve perfor- mance of steering system. The cable has an in-line adjuster that can be turned to shorten or lengthen the cable exten- sion.
  • Page 22: Storage

    STORAGE ENGINE OIL Immediately prepare your snow thrower for storage at the end of the season or if the unit will not be used for 30 Drain oil (with engine warm) and replace with clean engine days or more. oil. (See “ENGINE” in the Maintenance section of this man ual).
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING See appropriate section in manual unless directed to an authorized service center/department. PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Does not start 1. Fuel shut-off valve (if so equipped) 1. Turn fuel shut-off valve to OPEN position. in OFF position. 2. Safety ignition key is not inserted. 2.
  • Page 24: Warranty

    (a) Engines and Attachments.Except where otherwise indicated on Exhibit A, all Engines and Attachments are not covered by this Limited Warranty. In most cases, these items are NOT manufactured by Husqvarna in which case they may be covered separately by their respective manufacturer's warranties if one is provided and included with the product at the time of purchase.
  • Page 25 10. Authorized Husqvarna Servicing Dealer/Center. In order to obtain warranty coverage it is your responsibility (at your expense) to deliver or ship your Husqvarna unit to an authorized Husqvarna Servicing Dealer/Center and arrange for pick-up or return of your unit after the repairs have been made.
  • Page 26 Rental Use) Riding Lawn Tractors: Frame, Chassis, Front Axle 5 Years No Warranty No Warranty Engine* Transmission (if made by Husqvarna/Peerless) 3 Years No Warranty No Warranty XLS Models only - stamped deck shell. Armor Protected Limited Warranty 10 Years...
  • Page 27 ** See reference 4 (b) of the warranty statement. RZ - Two (2) Year Consumer warranty, parts & labor, with Hydro-Gear Distributor network. EZ - One (1) Year Commercial warranty, parts & labor, with Husqvarna. Two (2) Year Consumer warranty, parts & labor, with Hydro-Gear Distributor network.
  • Page 28 05/28/2014 TH...

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