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Snow Throwing Tips - Husqvarna ST 327T Operator's Manual

Husqvarna st 327t walk-behind snow throwers
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If the recoil starter has frozen and will not turn the engine,
proceed as follows:
1. Grasp the recoil starter handle and slowly pull as much
rope out of the starter as possible.
2. Release the recoil starter handle and let it snap back
against the starter.
If the engine still fails to start, repeat the above steps or
use the electric starter.


Always operate the snow thrower with the engine at
full throttle. Full throttle offers the best performance.
Go slower in deep, freezing or heavy wet snow. Use the
drive speed control, NOT the throttle, to adjust speed.
It is easier and more efficient to remove snow im me-
di ate ly after it falls.
The best time to remove snow is the early morning.
At this time the snow is usually dry and has not been
exposed to the direct sun and warming tem per a tures.
Slightly overlap each successive path to ensure all
snow will be removed.
Throw snow downwind whenever possible.
Ad just the skid plates to proper height for current snow
con di tions. See "TO ADJUST SKID PLATES" in this
section of this manual.
For extremely heavy snow, re duce the width of snow
removal by over lap ping previous path and moving
Keep engine clean and clear of snow during use. This
will help air flow and extend engine life.
After snow-throwing is completed, allow engine to run
for a few minutes to melt snow and ice off the engine.
Clean the entire snow thrower thoroughly after each
use and wipe dry so it is ready for next use.
WARNING: Do not operate snow
thrower if weather conditions im pair
visibility. Throwing snow dur ing a
heavy, windy snowstorm can blind
you and be hazardous to the safe
operation of the snow thrower.

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