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Operation; To Switch The Fan On S; To Select A Power Level - Miele DA 396-5 Operating And Installation Instructions

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To switch the fan on s

^ Press the On/Off control s.
The fan will come on at power level lI.

To select a power level - / +

^ To select a lower power level, press
the – symbol, or to select a higher
power level, press the + symbol.
Depending on the intensity of the
cooking vapours, levels "I" to "III" are
usually sufficient for normal cooking.
Intensive setting
For short periods of cooking food with
intensive vapours and a strong aroma,
e.g. when searing meat, you may wish
to select the Intensive Setting "IV".
Automatic switch-off of the Intensive
You can set the Intensive setting so that
it only runs for 10 minutes before
reverting automatically to level III.
^ To set this option, both the fan and
the cooktop lighting must be
switched off.
^ Press the – and + controls at the
same time for approx. 10 seconds
until the first power level indicator
lamp lights up in the display.
^ Then press in turn:
– the Cooktop lighting control I,
– the – symbol, and
– the Cooktop lighting control I again.
The indicator lamps for fan power levels
I and IV will flash if the automatic
switch-off for the Intensive setting is not
^ Press the + control to activate auto-
matic switch-off.
The indicator lamps for fan power
levels I and IV will now light up
Press the – control to deactivate the
automatic switch-off function.
^ Press the On/Off s control to
If you do not confirm within 4 minutes,
the rangehood will automatically revert
to the original setting.



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