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Safety Distance Between Cooktop And Rangehood (S) - Miele DA 396-5 Operating And Installation Instructions

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a Extraction
b Recirculation
c Ventilation grille positioned at the top
for recirculation
d, e
(e is not required for recirculation
mode rangehoods)
The shaded area represents the wall or
ceiling area for the vent cut-out, for
fitting the connection socket and on
...EXT models for feeding the
connection cable through to the
external motor.
For recirculation mode, only a
connection socket needs to be fitted.
Connection for air extraction
C 150 mm (recommended), or C 125
mm with reducing collar. Please note,
using 125 mm ducting limits air through
put and thus rangehood performance.
Appliance dimensions
Safety distance between cooktop and
rangehood (S)
When planning the installation height
of your rangehood, the minimum
safety distances between the top of
a cooktop and the bottom of the
rangehood are as follows, unless a
greater distance is specified by the
manufacturer of your cooking
600 mm above electric cooktops
650 mm above an open grill or deep
fat fryer,
650 mm above gas cooktops
If this rangehood is installed above a
Miele Wok CS 1028 CombiSet
appliance, a minimum safety
distance of 760 mm must be
maintained between the burner and
the lower edge of the rangehood.
See "Warning and Safety" instructions
for further information.
– When deciding on the safety
distance between the cooktop and
rangehood, please note that a
distance of 650 mm above electric
cooktops may be preferable to give
more working space under the
– Account should also be taken of the
height of the person who will be
using the rangehood most often. The
person should have sufficient space
to work comfortably at the cooktop,
and also be able to reach the
rangehood controls with ease.

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