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Maintenance - Makita BLS712SF Instruction Manual

190 mm (7-1/2") cordless slide compound saw equipped with electric brake and high capacity battery charger


Carrying tool
Make sure that the battery cartridge is removed. Secure the blade at 0" bevel angle and
the turn base at 57" miter angle to the right. Secure the slide poles after pulling the car-
riage toward you fully. Lower the handle fully and lock it in the lowered position by push-
ing in the stopper pin. Carry the tool by the carrying grip as shown in the figure below.
*Always secure all moving portions before carrying the tool.
*Stopper pin
for carrying and storage purposes only and not for any cutting operations.
Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before
attempting to perform inspection or maintenance.
Adjusting the cutting angle
This tool is carefully adjusted and aligned at the factory, but rough handling may have
affected the alignment. If your tool is not aligned properly, perform the following:
1) Miter angle
Push the carriage toward the guide
fence and tighten the clamp screw to
secure the carriage. Loosen the grip
which secures the turn base. Turn the
turn base so that the pointer points to
0" on the miter scale. Then turn the
turn base slightly clockwise and coun-
terclockwise to seat the turn base cozily
in the 0" miter notch. Loosen the three
hex bolts securing the guide fence
using the socket wrench.
Guide fence



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