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Maintenance And Service; Maintenance And Cleaning - Bosch Ake 30-19 S Original Instructions Manual

Bosch ake chainsaw original instructions
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Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning

Warning! Switch off, remove plug from
mains before adjusting, cleaning or if cable
is cut, damaged or entangled.
Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry
out the following maintenance regularly.
Regulary check the chain saw for obvious de-
fects such as loose, dislodged or damaged saw
chain and chain bar, loose fixings and worn or
damaged components.
When disassembling the saw chain, take care
that the chain is first loosened with the chain
tensioning ring 14. Disassembly of the chain
saw without first loosening the saw chain can
damage the chain saw.
Check that covers and guards are undamaged
and correctly fitted. Carry out necessary mainte-
nance or repairs before using.
If the chain saw should fail despite the care tak-
en in manufacture and testing, repair should be
carried out by an authorised customer services
agent for Bosch power tools.
Note: Before returning the chain saw, ensure all
oil in the oil reservoir has been emptied. For
this, remove the sieve from the reservoir, empty
the reservoir and replace the sieve again.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders,
please always include the 10-digit article
number given on the type plate of the chain saw.
Replacing/Changing the Saw Chain and Chain
Bar (see figure A)
Check the saw chain and chain bar according to
section "Tensioning the Saw Chain".
The circular groove of the chain bar will wear
particularly on the lower edge with time. When
replacing the saw chain, turn the chain bar by
180° to allow even wear, thus extending chain
bar life.
Reverse the chain tensioning catch 23 by removing
the screws and refitting it on the opposited side.
Check the drive sprocket 18. If it is worn out or
damaged due to strain, have it exchanged by an
authorized Bosch after-sales service.
F 016 L70 667 | (30.4.10)
Sharpening the Saw Chain
Have your chain sharpened professionally at
your authorized Bosch after-sales service or
sharpen the chain yourself using the Bosch
sharpening kit or the Dremel Multi power tool
with the appropriate grinder (1453). Observe
the sharpening instructions provided with the
sharpening kit.
Checking the Automatic Oiler
Proper functioning of the automatic saw chain
oiler can be checked by running the chain saw
and pointing the tip of the chain bar towards a
piece of cardboard or paper on the ground. Do
not touch the ground with the chain and ensure
a safety clearance of 20 cm. If an increasing oil
pattern developes, the automatic oiler is operat-
ing fine. If there is no oil pattern despite a full oil
reservoir, see section "Troubleshooting" or con-
tact your authorized Bosch after-sales service.
After Use/Storage
Clean the moulded plastic housing of the chain
saw using a soft brush and clean cloth. Do not
use water, solvents or polishes. Remove all de-
bris, especially from the motor cooling vents.
After 1 – 3 hours of use, remove the cover 16,
the chain bar 12 and the saw chain 11, and clean
them using a brush.
Clean the area under the cover 16, the drive
sprocket 18 and the chain bar assembly from
adherant debris using a brush. Clean the oil out-
let 19 with a clean cloth.
If the chain tensioning mechanism in the cover
16 becomes difficult to operate, remove the pro-
tective lid 29, turn the locking knob 15 and the
chain-tensioning ring 14 against each other, so
that debris is loosened from the mechanism and
can be discarded. Carefully strike or tap out de-
bris from the cover 16. If the mechanism is heav-
ily clogged, use a soft brush or compressed air
for cleaning. Do not use tools of any kind.
(see figure J)
If the chain saw is to be stored for a longer peri-
od of time, clean the saw chain 11 and the chain
bar 12.
Store the chain saw in a secure, dry place, out
of the reach of children.
Bosch Power Tools

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