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Final Assembly - Nokia NWSP Assembly Instructions Manual

Wrist attached sensor platform
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For the final assembly first glue the keypad circuit board to the recess on the inside of the cover as
shown in Figure 3. Also thin double sided tape could be used. Also stick the metal gratings to the cover
inside to cover the oblong holes if this has not been done already. Then carefully align the display to the
four guides beside the window in the cover. First make sure the window and display is clean and the
protective plastic has been removed from the display. Gently press the assembly into place until the
display is against the cover. Depending on battery thickness some filler is needed to create some slight
compression when the case is closed. For a typical battery of 4.6mm thickness approximately 0.8 mm
filler is needed. In Figure 5 the filler is a sheet of cardboard glued to the bottom of the casing. The filler
can also be rubber tape or similar. The pressure should be gentle on the diplay so it does not bend or
break, but firm enough so that the connectors between the circuit boards stays connected and the
display and rest of the electronics does not move around inside the case. The foam tape between the
display and circuit board is flexible enough to make an ideal pressure. Route the charging terminal wires
around the battery and check that no wires are in between when the case is closed by the four screws.
This can be tricky with the long charging terminal wires. Use tape or glue to fix the wires to make this
easier, but make sure the device can be easily opened for programming later. The final device should
look something like Figure 1.
NWSP Wrist Unit
Assembly Instructions
Tom Ahola 2008-05-15
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