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Putting Together The Circuit Boards - Nokia NWSP Assembly Instructions Manual

Wrist attached sensor platform
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Figure 6 Attaching the battery to the sensor platform circuit board.

1.3 Putting together the circuit boards

To attach the add-on board and sensor platform board together align the connectors as shown in Figure
7 and press evenly close to the connectors (not at the center of the boards). Use both hands to
simultaneously press both connectors together. Look from the side to make sure the board are
completely pressed together. The connector pins should completely go inside the platform board and
not be visible looking from the side. There should be a small snap when the connectors mate. Check
that the wires to the charger connector are neatly between the boards and are not blocking the
attachment. Fix two small pieces of double sided foam tape (thickness approximately 1mm) on the
bottom of the connectors as shown in Figure 7 for attachment of the battery.
NWSP Wrist Unit
Assembly Instructions
Tom Ahola 2008-05-15
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