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Adding The Vibration Motor - Nokia NWSP Assembly Instructions Manual

Wrist attached sensor platform
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Figure 8 Attaching the battery to the circuit board assembly with double sided tape.

1.4 Adding the vibration motor

Figure 9 shows the vibration motor (vibra) added to the electronics assembly. The vibra is optional and
the model might vary. This model is a Jahwa JHV-10, which is a coin type that runs off the 3.7V battery
voltage. Note the short blue and red wires that are soldered to the circuit board. In the figure the battery
has a white plastic holder. If these holders are not used the vibra must be taped or glued directly to the
battery, taking care that the battery terminals are not short circuited, even if the vibra becomes loose.
There is a cavity for the vibra in the bottom part of the casing, so stick the vibra to the battery in a place
so that it is aligned with this cavity and so that it does not extrude below the battery.
NWSP Wrist Unit
Assembly Instructions
Tom Ahola 2008-05-15
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