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Charger Terminals And Battery - Nokia NWSP Assembly Instructions Manual

Wrist attached sensor platform
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Figure 3 Capacitive touch keypad wires.

1.2 Charger terminals and battery

Attaching the charger terminal wires to the sensor platform circuit board is shown in Figure
4. Carefully observe polarity. The insulation of the negative wire should be stripped so that
it can be soldered to the two terminals of the connector as shown in the figure. Be careful
when soldering to the circuit board that there is insulation around the wire close to the
board. When the wire is bent there is risk of short circuit to the neighbouring soldering
pads on the circuit board. Use insulating (hot) glue if necessary, but make sure the wires
plus glue will not be higher than 1.5mm above the board surface because the second board
will be attached on top of this board. The wires are soldered to the charger terminals as
shown in Figure 5. Carefully observe polarity and take care not to apply too much heat so
that the plastic casing will melt. Glue can optionally be used for insulation and strength.
NWSP Wrist Unit
Assembly Instructions
Tom Ahola 2008-05-15
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