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Abnormal Operation-Heating - Whirlpool Gold WGGE45 Installation Instructions Manual

Whirlpool gold models package gas electric furnaces
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Table of Contents
Diagnostic Indicator Chart
The status light on the unit control may be used as a guide to
troubleshooting the appliance.
LED—Red Status
Normal Operation -
No power
Internal control
1 flash
Ignition failure
2 flashes
Pressure switch
3 flashes
Pressure switch
closed without
inducer on
4 flashes
Open limit switch
5 flashes
False flame
6 flashes
short-cycle delay
7 flashes
Limit switch open
5 times in same
call for heat
8 flashes
IDT/ODT open
9 flashes
PSW/LOC open
No flame present -
Normal flame
1 flash
Low flame signal
2 flashes
False flame
Input power
Fuse(s) on control
Replace control
Gas flow
Gas pressure
Gas control valve
Flame sensor
Pressure switch
Vent motor
Pressure switch
Wiring for shorts
Main limit switch
Auxiliary limit switch
Rollout limit switch
Gas control valve
Shorts in flame sensor
3 minute compressor
short-cycle timer
Main limit switch
Auxiliary limit switch
Jumper between 1 and
4 on 6-circuit connector
Optional refrigerant
Refrigerant switches for
loss or charge or
high-head pressure
Gas flow
Gas pressure
Gas control valve
Flame sensor
Gas control valve
Shorts in flame sensor
Fault Recall
The ignition control is equipped with a momentary pushbutton
switch that can be used to display on the diagnostic LED the last
5 faults detected by the control. The control must be in Standby
Mode (no thermostat inputs) to use the feature.
1. Depress the pushbutton switch for approximately 2 seconds.
NOTE: Do not hold for longer than 4 seconds. Holding the
button for 4 seconds or longer will erase the memory.
2. Release the switch when the LED is turned off. The
diagnostic LED will then display the flash codes associated
with the last 5 detected faults. The order of display is the
most recent fault to the least recent fault.
Abnormal Operation—Heating
Internal Control Failure—Status Light Off
If the integrated ignition control in this unit encounters an internal
fault, it will go into a "hard" lockout and turn off the diagnostic
If diagnostic LED indicates an internal fault,
Check the power supply to unit for proper voltage.
Check all fuses, circuit breakers and wiring.
Disconnect electric power for 5 seconds. If LED remains off
after restoring power, replace control.
External Lockout—1 Flash (Red LED)
An external lockout occurs if the integrated ignition control
determines that a measurable combustion cannot be established
within 3 consecutive ignition attempts. If flame is not established
within the 7-second trial for ignition, the gas control valve is de-
energized, 30-second inter-purge cycle is completed, and
ignition is reattempted. The control will repeat this routine 3 times
if a measurable combustion is not established. The control will
then turn off the induced draft blower and go into a lockout state.
If flame is established but lost, the control will energize the
circulator blower at the heat speed and then begin a new ignition
sequence. If flame is established then lost on subsequent
attempts, the control will recycle for 4 consecutive ignition
attempts (5 attempts total) before locking out.
The diagnostic fault code is 1 flash for a lockout due to failed
ignition attempts or flame dropouts. The integrated control will
automatically reset after 1 hour, or it can be reset by removing the
thermostat signal or disconnecting the electrical power supply for
over 5 seconds.
If diagnostic red LED indicates an external Lockout,
perform the following checks:
Check the supply and manifold pressures.
Check the gas orifices for debris.
Check the gas control valve for proper operation.
Check the flame sensor. A drop in flame signal can be caused
by nearly invisible coating on the sensor. Remove the sensor
and carefully clean with steel wool.
Check the wiring. Check wiring for opens/shorts and
incorrect wiring.
IMPORTANT: If you have to frequently reset your gas/electric
package unit, it means that a problem exists that should be
corrected. Contact a qualified servicer for further information.


Table of Contents

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