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Make Gas Connections; Caution - Whirlpool Gold WGGE45 Installation Instructions Manual

Whirlpool gold models package gas electric furnaces
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Goodman 22
To avoid the risk of fire or equipment damage, use
copper conductors.


Goodman 59
Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing
controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous
operation. Verify proper operation after servicing.
3. Disconnect power.
4. Remove the control access panel.
5. Route the field supply wires through the line voltage conduit
opening to the electrical connection area, providing sufficient
length to connect to the pigtail leads.
6. Connect the field supply wires (L1, L2) to the 2 black pigtail
leads using UL-Listed wire connectors.
To avoid damage to the unit, use a fuse or HACR circuit breaker
that is in excess of the circuit ampacity, but less than or equal to
the maximum over-current protection device.
IMPORTANT: Do not exceed the maximum over-current device
size shown on the unit data plate.
All line voltage connections must be made through weatherproof
fittings. All exterior power supply and ground wiring must be in
approved weatherproof conduit. Low voltage wiring from the unit
control panel to the thermostat requires coded cable.
Electrical Power Directly to Junction Box
NOTE: Junction box location shown is optional and is for
illustration purposes only.
Electrical Power Routed Through Bottom of Unit
NOTE: Junction box location shown is optional and is for
illustration purposes only.
208 Volt Conversion
Goodman 6
Disconnect ALL power before servicing.
Multiple power sources may be present.
Failure to do so may cause property damage,
personal injury or death.
1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove the burner access panel.
3. Move the black wire lead from the 240-volt terminal on the
transformer to the 208-volt terminal (center tap) on the
transformer. See the wiring connection diagrams in
4. Replace the burner access panel.

Make Gas Connections

NOTE: This unit is factory set to operate on Natural gas at the
altitudes shown on the rating plate.
To avoid property damage, personal injury or death when
either using propane gas alone or at higher altitudes,
Goodman 89
obtain and install the proper conversion kit(s). Failure to
do so can result in unsatisfactory operation and/or
equipment damage. High altitude kits are for U.S.
installations only and are not approved for use in Canada.
The rating plate is stamped with the model number, type of gas
and gas input rating. Make sure the unit is equipped to operate
on the type of gas available. Conversion to LP gas is permitted
with the use of the factory-authorized conversion kit LPT-00A.


Table of Contents

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