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Electrical Requirements; Gas Supply Requirements; Installation Instructions; Inspect Shipment - Whirlpool Gold WGGE45 Installation Instructions Manual

Whirlpool gold models package gas electric furnaces
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Electrical Requirements

NOTE: All outdoor wiring must be suitable for outdoor use. Use
copper conductors only.
All field wiring must be done in accordance with National
Electrical Code requirements, applicable requirements of UL,
or local codes, where applicable.
Electrical wiring, disconnect means and over-current
protection are to be supplied by the installer. Refer to the
rating plate for the maximum over-current protection,
minimum service ampacity, and operating voltage. See the
wiring connection diagrams in "Troubleshooting."
This unit must be electrically grounded in accordance with
National Electric Code (ANSI/NFPA 70) requirements,
applicable requirements of UL, or local codes, where

Inspect Shipment

Check the carton upon arrival for external damage. If damage is
found, a request for an inspection by the carrier agent should be
made in writing immediately.
Inspect the unit for damage including damage to the cabinetry.
Any bolts or screws which may have loosened in transit must be
In the event of damage, the receiver should:
Make a notation on the delivery receipt of any visible damage
to the shipment or container.
Notify the carrier promptly and request an inspection.
In case of concealed damage, the carrier should be notified
as soon as possible—preferably within 5 days.
File the claim with the following supporting documents:
a) Original Bill of Lading, certified copy, or indemnity bond.
b) Original paid freight bill or indemnity in lieu thereof.
c) Original invoice or certified copy thereof, showing trade
and other discounts or reductions.
d) Copy of the inspection report issued by the carrier
representative at the time damage is reported to the
carrier. The carrier is responsible for making a prompt
inspection of the damage and for a thorough investigation
of each claim. The distributor or manufacturer will not
accept claims from dealers for transportation damage.
When inspecting the unit for transportation damage, remove
all packaging materials.
Recycle/dispose of the packaging material according to local
If any damages are discovered and reported to the carrier, do
not install this unit, because your claim may be denied.

Place Unit in Final Location

Goodman 88
To prevent property damage, the unit should remain in an
upright position during all rigging and moving operations.
To facilitate lifting and moving when a crane is used,
place the unit in an adequate cable sling.
IMPORTANT: Place the unit in the final location and position it in
the proper orientation to the house so that connecting ducts,
electrical and gas supplies is easily done. Hoisting may be


Gas Supply Requirements

This unit is equipped for use with Natural gas. A conversion kit is
required for use with propane. To order the correct conversion kit,
see your local distributor.
Gas supply piping should be installed in accordance with
local, state and national codes and the regulations of the
utility. Piping must be of adequate size to prevent undue
pressure drop. Consult the local utility or gas supplier for
complete details on special requirements for sizing gas
If local codes allow the use of a flexible gas appliance
connector, use a CSA design-certified outdoor flexible
stainless steel appliance connector or rigid gas supply line as
IMPORTANT: If using the bottom discharge with the roof curb,
the ductwork should be attached to the curb prior to installing the
unit. Ductwork dimensions are shown in the roof curb installation
See "Roof Curb Installations Only" in "Location Requirements"
for the proper curb installation. Curbing must be installed in
compliance with the National Roofing Contractors Association
Lower the unit onto the roof mounting curb. While rigging the
unit, the center of gravity will cause the condenser end to be
lower than the supply air end.

Airflow Conversion

Units can easily be converted from horizontal to downflow airflow
delivery. In downflow or high-static installations, the installer
should measure the total external static and review the blower
performance charts before performing the installation. In some
installations, it will be necessary to change the blower speed to
provide proper airflow.
Horizontal Application
This unit is shipped ready for horizontal application.


Table of Contents

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