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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Owner's Manual

Metal detector
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Bounty Hunter
Carry Bag
Rugged double-stitched construction. – CBAG2
Bounty Hunter
Pouch & Digger Combo
Pouch with 2 large pockets & 9" heavy duty digging tool. – TP-KIT-W
Pinpoints the exact location of buried metal objects. Audio signal indicator
and vibrator. Runs on (1) 9-Volt Alkaline battery. – PIN POINTER-W
Bounty Hunter
Sand Scoop
Large scoop with filtering holes. Made of strong plastic. – SAND SCOOPBH
Replacement/Accessory Searchcoils
8" Concentric Open Face Accessory
Coil – 8COIL-7B13
10" Concentric Replacement Coil – 10COIL-BH
11" Biaxial Standard Coil – 11COIL-BH
Coil Covers
Protect your coil from abrasion and damage.
8" Concentric Open Face Accessory Coil Cover – 8COVER-7
10" Concentric Coil Cover – F70COVER
11" Biaxial Standard Coil Cover – COVER-11DD
9" Heavy-Duty Digging Tool
Metal blade with comfortable plastic handle and depth gauge. – TROWEL-2
Digging Tool
Light and practical plastic, wide blade digging tool. – TROWEL-W
Rain Cover
Custom made to protect from weather. – RAINCOV-ET
Bounty Hunter
Baseball Cap
One size fits all, with Bounty Hunter
logo. – BHCAP
Bounty Hunter
100% cotton with Bounty Hunter
Sizes: S, M, LG, XL & XXL – BHTSHIRT
Prospecting Kits
Use 9-volt
ALKALINE batteries.
Do not use
"Heavy Duty" batteries.
Do not use
ordinary "Zinc Carbon" batteries.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Light and practical plastic, wide blade digging tool. – TROWEL-W Rain Cover Custom made to protect from weather. – RAINCOV-ET Bounty Hunter Baseball Cap ® One size fits all, with Bounty Hunter logo. – BHCAP ® Bounty Hunter T-Shirt ®...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ® • Respect private property and do not enter private property without the owner’s permission. Metal Detector. The Quick Draw Pro is the result of nine years of software • Take care to refill all holes and leave no damage.
  • Page 3: Terminology

    TERMINOLOGY TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE SYMPTOM CAUSE SOLUTION The following terms are used throughout the manual, and are standard Detector chatters, • Using detector • Use detector terminology among detectorists. beeps erratically indoors outdoors only RELIC or has low • Using detector near •...
  • Page 4: Contents

    CHARACTERISTICS & LIMITATIONS CONTENTS OF BOX 1. This detector comes with a waterproof searchcoil. The searchcoil can be completely submerged into water. The control housing is not waterproof The following detector components are in the box: and cannot be submerged in water. To use the detector in inclement weather, consider purchasing the optional detector cover.
  • Page 5: Assembling The Detector

    USING THE DETECTOR ASSEMBLING THE DETECTOR Sweep Method Hold S-ROD upright. CORRECT Sweep the detector side-to-side over Loosen LOCKING COLLAR on S-ROD; the ground. rotate counterclockwise. Keep the searchcoil parallel to the ground as you sweep; do not lift the Insert LOWER STEM into S-ROD with the SILVER BUTTON pointed upward.
  • Page 6: Batteries (Use Alkaline Batteries Only)

    BATTERIES DEPTH AND TARGET DISPLAY Please refer to the display on your as a nail, or a more valuable historic iron The detector requires a single 9-volt ALKALINE battery (battery not included). detector and reference the TARGET-ID relic. Do not use ordinary “Zinc Carbon” batteries categories below applicable to your Do not use “Heavy Duty”...
  • Page 7: Quick-Start Demonstration

    TARGET IDENTIFICATION QUICK-START DEMONSTRATION Target-ID I. Supplies Needed: When objects are detected, the detector will emit a sound and a 2-digit Target-ID a Nail (made of iron) a U.S. Quarter (or silver coin) will appear on the screen. Possible Target-IDs range from 1 to 99. This number a U.S.
  • Page 8: The Basics Of Metal Detecting

    THE BASICS OF METAL DETECTING PINPOINT This metal detector is intended for locating buried metal objects. When Press-and-hold to activate the Pinpoint feature. searching for metals, underground or on the surface, you have the following Searchcoil motion is not required; a motionless searchcoil over a metal target challenges and objectives: will induce sound.
  • Page 9: How To Work The Controls

    MENU THE BASICS OF METAL DETECTING 5. EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) NOTCH The searchcoil produces a magnetic field and then detects changes in that NOTCH control is similar to Discrimination in that it allows you to accept magnetic field caused by the presence of metal objects. This magnetic or reject different types of metals.
  • Page 10: The Display

    THE DISPLAY MENU The Menu is located on the left side of the screen. During normal operation the Target Conductivity Arc Menu is inactive and faded. Press the MENU button to cycle through the (Metal objects are classified by electrical conductivity, Menu.