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Maytag POF1HD140AVFA Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 24

Oil fired warm air furnaces, up-flow model with ecm
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Table C-3: Oil Primary Control Troubleshooting
4. Shield cad cell from external
5. Jumper thermostat (T -T)
terminals on oil primary control
First remove one thermostat
lead wire.
Condition: Burner starts then locks out on safety with indicator light flashing at 1 Hz rate (½ second on, ½ second
6. Reset oil primary control by
pushing in and releasing red
reset button.
7. Listen for spark after burner
turns on (after 2 second delay).
8. Check indicator light after
flame is established, but before
oil primary control locks out.
9. Check cad cell sighting for
view of flame.
Disconnect line voltage power
and open line switch.
Unplug cad cell and clean cad
cell face with soft clothe. Check
sighting for clear view of flame.
Replace cad cell in socket.
Reconnect line voltage power
and close line switch.
Start burner.
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Indicator light turns off.
Indicator light stays on.
Burner starts.
Burner does not start.
Indicator light stops flashing.
Indicator light continues to
flash at 1 Hz rate.
Ignition is off
Ignition is on.
Ignition is on but no oil is
being sprayed into the
combustion chamber.
Indicator light is on until the
control locks out and starts
flashing during lockout.
Indicator light stays off.
Burner locks out.
Burner keeps running.
Corrective Action
Eliminate external light source or permanently shield cad cell.
Replace cad cell with new cad cell and recheck.
If indicator light does not turn off, remove cad cell lead wires
from oil primary control and recheck.
If indicator light turns off, replace cad cell bracket assembly.
If indicator light does not turn off, replace controller.
Trouble in thermostat or limit circuit. Check thermostat or limit
wiring connections.
Disconnect the line voltage power and open line switch.
Check all wiring connections.
Tighten any loose connections and recheck.
If burner does not start, replace oil primary control
Go to Step 7.
Verify that the control is not in restricted mode. (See notes at
end of this table.). If not in restricted mode, replace oil
primary control
Spark igniter could be defective. Check for line voltage at
igniter terminals. If line voltage is present, replace oil primary
Go to Step 8.
Wait for "Valve ON" delay to complete. Check oil supply, and
oil line valve. Check for filter blockage or seized oil pump.
Replace oil primary control
Go to step 9.
Go to step 10.
System is OK.



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