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Safety Precautions; Information About The Heater; Disclaimer; Technical Identification Code - Bosch WH36 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Tankless electric water heaters
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Safety precautions

When using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions
should always be followed, including the following:
▶ This appliance must be grounded.
▶ Disconnect this product from the electrical supply before
cleaning, servicing or removing the cover.
▶ To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary
when the product is used near children or elderly persons.
▶ Warning: Mount the unit onto a flat section of wall, well
away from any potential splashes of water or spray and
away from areas where direct moist or wet contact could
▶ Warning: Indoor installation only, where it will NOT be
exposed to freezing.
▶ Warning: Do not install a check valve or any other type of
back flow preventer within ten feet of the cold water inlet.
▶ The electrical installation must conform to current National
Electrical Codes.
▶ Warning: Do not switch the heater on if you suspect that it
may be frozen. Wait until you are sure that it has completely
thawed out.
▶ The Tronic 5000C Pro is designed to heat potable cold
water for domestic purposes. The heater is not designed to
accept inlet water temperatures above 86° F. Contact
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. before specifying or
installing the appliance in any other application.
▶ Warning: Any water heater should be installed in such a
manner that if it should leak, the resulting flow of water will
not cause damage to the area in which it is installed.
National Plumbing codes require a drain pan for any water
heater installation. Failure to install one is the sole
responsibility of owner and/or installer. Reference UPC
2000 (Uniform Plumbing Code) Section 510 - Protection
from Damage or IPC 200 (International Plumbing Code)
Section 504- Safety Devices.
▶ Additional Canadian safety instructions:
– As per the Canadian Electrical Code, C22.1-02 Section
26-744, an auxiliary terminal block must be fitted to
the unit before connecting to the electrical supply (Kit
Part N° "AE Canada Kit") (See page 10).
– A green terminal (or a wire connector marked "G,"
"GR," "GROUND" or "GROUNDING") is provided within
the control. To reduce the risk of electrical shock,
connect this terminal or connector to the grounding
terminal of the electrical service of supply panel with a
continuous copper wire in accordance with the
Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.
Tronic 5000C
– This product shall be protected by a Class A ground
fault circuit interrupter.
▶ Keep this manual in a safe place once the unit has been
installed as it may be needed for future reference.

Information about the heater



2.1.1 Approval number
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a licensed plumber or
electrician must perform the installation. (Approval number:

Technical identification code

Table 2
[EI] Electronic Instantaneous
[36] Maximum output (kW)
[E] Electronic temperature control
[W] Wall hung
[H] Horizontal installation
[B] Water connections

Model name and number identification

Model Name
Model Number
EI 36 E/M W I H B
Table 3

Package contents

Tankless electric water heater
4 screws and gaskets
Information about the heater | 3
6 720 647 022 (2013/04)


Table of Contents

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