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NEC NLT-26XT3 Operation Manual

Lcd color television


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Please read this manual carefully before operation.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC NLT-26XT3

  • Page 1: Lcd Color Television

    LCD COLOR TELEVISION NLT-26XT3 NLT-32XT3 OPERATION MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before operation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    .......................... 12 Troubleshooting for Simple Failures .....................18 Product Specifications ..................................19 Wall Mounting Information/Technical Drawing ................20 NEC Service Centres ..............................21 Notice: All pictures in this manual are examples, only for reference, actual product may differ from the pictures.
  • Page 4: Instruction Manual

    INSTRUCTION MANUAL DEAR CUSTOMER: Congratulations on your purchase of the LCD color television! This manual will help you use the many exciting and useful features to make your LCD TV viewing more enjoyable than ever before. Before operating, please read all these safety and operating instructions completely and then retain this manual for future reference.
  • Page 5 for its proper operating voltage. To prevent electric shock, match wide blade of plug to wide slot, fully insert. 10. The MAINS plug or an appliance coupler of the apparatus is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect device shall remain readily operable. 11.
  • Page 6 21. Do not place heavy foreign objects and/or liquid containers on the product. Do not place naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, on or near the apparatus, this may cause fire hazard or electric shock and/or damage to product. 22.
  • Page 7: Using The Remote Control

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROL Use the remote control by pointing it towards the remote sensor window of the set. Objects between the remote control and sensor window may prevent proper operation. Note: the illustration is for your reference only, the remote sensor maybe located differently with different model.
  • Page 8 Precaution on battery use Improper use of batteries can result in a leakage of chemicals and/or explosion. Be sure to follow the instructions below. Place batteries with their terminals corresponding to the (+) and ( ) indications. Different types of batteries have different characteristics. Do not mix batteries of different types. Do not mix old and new batteries.
  • Page 9: Remote Control

    Remote Contr ol The buttons of the original remote control are as following: Definition of the buttons on remote control: Number Button Name Function Description Enter or quit the standby mode. 【 】 The former channel can be restored if the last operation is changing channel; 【RECALL】...
  • Page 10 This button can be used for cycling among Full, ZOOM, Letter Box and 4:3 【ZOOM】 these four display mode. Note:at PC, the option available is Full and 4:3 Number buttons In TV mode, these buttons are used for inputting the numbers of channels, also, by these buttons you can go back to TV mode when TV is in other modes.
  • Page 11: Controls Of Front Panel

    Controls of Front Panel - Shown is a simplified representation of the set. - Here shown may be somewhat different from your set. MENU TV/AV VOL+ VOL- Infrared Receiver Window Power Indicator Main power switch(for NLT-32XT3) Infrared Receiver Window MENU To receive the signal from remote control.
  • Page 12: Controls Of Back Panel

    Controls of Back panel - Shown is a simplified representation of the set. - Here shown may be somewhat different from your set. Main power switch(for NLT-26XT3) NLT-32XT3 S-VIDEO Video in NLT-26XT3 S-VIDEO Video in S-VIDEO IN POWER CORD SOCKET Connect video out from an S-Video VCR to This set operates on an AC power.
  • Page 13: Operating Instructions

    Please make sure the main power switch is in the "ON" position. Power Power Note: During waiting period from STAND BY mode to ON mode, the LED will be flashing. P+,P-,V-,V+,OK V-,V+ "Advance" and "Display" is not for HDMI. V-,V+ P+,P- P+,P-,V-,V+...
  • Page 14 Saturation , "Saturation" "Hue" Saturation Saturation "Hue" Saturation OK button...
  • Page 15 "Zoom", Saturation NOTE: In VGA mode only "4:3" and "Full" are available. Saturation Saturation Note:Australia is using PAL.
  • Page 16 OK or V+ Note: Australia is using PAL color system.
  • Page 17 Note: Australia is using B/G sound system. P+/- of "Fine Tune" OK or V+ set the Fine Tune function, the "AFT" item will become "Off" state automatically.
  • Page 18 of "Manual Search" OK or V+ MENU Return OK or V+ OK or V+...
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting For Simple Failures

    T roubleshooting for Simple Failures When you meet the following common problems, you might diagnose and get the solutions without contacting with the technicians. Symptoms Possible Reason Solutions 1.Plug the powe r cord in No picture, no sound, and no 1.The powe r cord is not plugged in 2.Turn the power on indicator light on...
  • Page 20: Product Specifications

    Product Specifications Model NLT-26XT3 NLT-32XT3 683x522x255 Dimension with stand(mm) 814x625x280 683x491x91.5 Dimension without stand(mm) 814x574x114 Net weight(kg) Gross weight(kg) Voltage Input 100-240V Rated Power Consumption 120W 150W TV receive system PAL/SECAM; BG/DK/I RF antenna input Audio output 2x5W Operation temperature...
  • Page 21: Wall Mounting Information/Technical Drawing

    NEC understand that some user’s may wish to mount your LCD Television on the wall or to fixed sur- face. All NEC Models have this ability, however we strongly recommend that you have this procedure completed by a specialist installer.
  • Page 22: Nec Service Centres

    Western Australia Perth 45 Sarich Court, Osborne Park 6017 131-632 For Service in outer areas, please contact your NEC retailer for the address of the nearest Authorised NEC Service Center. NEC Australia Pty. Ltd. DISPLAY AND HOME GROUP 244 Beecroft Road EPPING 2121...

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