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Introduction; Check The Contents; Please Read Other Instructional Manuals As Well As This Manual - Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX User Manual

Yamaha yvc-mic1000ex microphone user's manual
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Table of Contents
Thank you for purchasing a YVC-MIC1000EX. The YVC-MIC1000EX is an optional microphone specifically designed for
use with the YVC-1000, a unified communications microphone and speaker system.
Please thoroughly read this manual before installing and connecting the product.
Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.
• No part of this manual may be copied or used in any form without permission of Yamaha.
• Specifications of the product and contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.
• Yamaha is not liable for any loss or damage to data resulting from use of the product. Please note that the warranty
covers repair of the product only.

Check the contents

• Microphone (YVC-MIC1000) x 1
• Microphone cable (5 m) x 1
• User's Manual (this manual) x 1

Please read other instructional manuals as well as this manual

This manual contains fundamental information only.
For detailed information on how to use the product, please read the following:
YVC-1000 user's manual: Contains information about utilizing the product in combination with the YVC-1000.
Please download the latest user's manual from the download page of our website.
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Table of Contents

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