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Electrolux ZB2932 Instructions Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux ZB2932

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content / English Table of contents Unpacking and assembly ......4 Charging ......... . . 5 Vacuuming .
  • Page 4: Unpacking And Assembly

    Unpacking and assembly / Unpacking and assembly / 1. Check that all parts are in the box. Fit the handle 2. Secure the handle by tightening the locking by carefully inserting it into the lower main body. screw supplied. Use a screwdriver or a coin. Make sure that the cable does not jam.
  • Page 5: Charging

    Charging / Charging / 1. Ergorapido: The indicator light will come on 2. Ergorapido Plus: The battery capacity display 3. When fully discharged, approximately 16 hours’ once the Ergorapido is positioned correctly in the lights will come on one after another as the charging is required to regain full battery capacity charging station.
  • Page 6: Vacuuming

    Vacuuming / Vacuuming floors and carpets / 1. You should regularly check that the nozzle 2. Start Ergorapido by pushing the on/off button. 3. Adjust the power level by pushing the lower part wheels and the brush roll are clean in order to of the on/off button.
  • Page 7: Emptying And Cleaning

    Emptying and cleaning / Emptying and cleaning Ergorapido’s dust container must be emptied regularly and the dust container and the filters need to be cleaned to maintain a high suction power. Never wash dust containers or filters in a dishwasher. 1.
  • Page 8: Cleaning Brush Roll, Hose And Wheels

    CLEAN™ use the sound level BRUSH CLEAN™ will be increased which is normal. 2. BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ Ergorapido BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™ Ergorapido * ZB2932, ZB2933, ZB2934, ZB2935, ZB2941, ZB2942, ZB2943...
  • Page 9 Ergorapido for vacuuming as usual. The BRUSH CLEAN™ function will remain disabled. To reset, the Ergorapido must be charged continuously for at least 10 minutes in the charging stand. BRUSH CLEAN™ Ergorapido BRUSH CLEAN™ Ergorapido * ZB2932, ZB2933, ZB2934, ZB2935, ZB2941, ZB2942, ZB2943...
  • Page 10 10 Cleaning / Cleaning the brush roll / To remove thicker threads or wires as well as on models that are not equipped with the BRUSH CLEAN™, the brush should be cleaned according to the following instructions. BRUSH CLEAN™ BRUSH CLEAN™...
  • Page 11: Removing The Batteries

    Removing the batteries / Removing the batteries / Improper handling of the batteries may be hazardous. Return the complete handheld unit to a recycling station. Batteries must be removed from the appliance before it is scrapped or recycled. Never dispose used batteries with household waste. 1.
  • Page 12: Safety Precautions

    Make sure the vacuum cleaner is stored in a dry place. All servicing and repairs must be carried out by an authorized Electrolux service centre. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory...
  • Page 13: Consumer Information

    In cases of breakdown or faults, your Ergorapido must be taken to an authorized Electrolux service centre. If the supply cord or charger is damaged, it must be replaced by Electrolux or its service agent or an equally qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. Consumer information Share more of our thinking at
  • Page 14 Share more of our thinking at INTZB290/2/4 - rev2...