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Motorola HSN4035 Service Instructions Manual

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© 1998 by Motorola, Inc.
Radio Network Solutions Group
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  • Page 1 SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS AMPLIFIER-LOUDSPEAKER MOTOROLA KIT HSN4035( ) © 1998 by Motorola, Inc. *6881109C65* Radio Network Solutions Group 8000 W. Sunrise Boulevard Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33322 68P81109C65-O All rights reserved.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents List of Figures ............ii List of Tables.
  • Page 3: List Of Figures

    Figure 11. Final Reassembly of Amplifier-Loudspeaker ........16 Figure 12. Amplifier-Loudspeaker, Motorola Kit HSN4035( ), Exploded View ....17...
  • Page 4 Table 9. Repair Parts Required for Final Assembly ........15 Table 10. Repair Parts for Amplifier-Loudspeaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) ....17...
  • Page 5: List Of Effective Pages

    LIST OF EFFECTIVE PAGES Service Instructions Amplifier-Loudspeaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) Motorola Publication Number 68P81109C65-O Issue Dates of Original and Revised Pages are: Original:March 1999 The Number of pages in this publication is 33 consisting of the following: Revision Revision...
  • Page 6: Safety Summary

    Safety Summary Exposure to Radio Your Motorola two-way Radio, which generates and radiates radio Frequency Energy frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME), is designed to comply with the following national and international standards and guide- (National and lines regarding exposure of human beings to radio frequency electro-...
  • Page 7 Mobile Antenna Install the vehicle antenna external to the vehicle and in accordance with: Installation • The requirements of the antenna manufacturer/supplier • Instructions in the Radio Installation Manual Control Station When radio equipment is used to operate as a control station, it is important that the antenna be installed outside the building and away Operation from places where people may be in close proximity.
  • Page 8: Installation Precautions

    W A R N I N G Motorola recommends the following radio installation precautions and vehicle braking system test procedures to ensure that the radio, when transmitting, does not interfere with operation of the vehicle braking system.
  • Page 9 Ensure that there is a minimum of two vehicle lengths between front of vehicle and any object in vehicle’s forward path. Then, set vehicle transmission selector to DRIVE. Press brake pedal just far enough to stop vehicle motion completely. Key radio transmitter.
  • Page 10: Introduction

    Motorola Publication 68P81109C63 - Installation Instructions for Motorola MCS 2000 Dual Control Head Radio Motorola Publication 68P81109C64 - Retrofit Instructions for Motorola MCS 2000 Radio, Single Control Head to Dual Control Head Conversion Motorola Publication 68P02058U20 - GM 900, MC 900, GM 1200, MCX 1200, GM 2000, MCS 2000, MC 2100 Mobile Radios;...
  • Page 11: Test Setup

    Test Setup 1. Secure the test equipment listed in Table 1 or its equivalents. 2. Refer to Figure 1 and Table 2 on page 3 and assemble a test connector for the amplifie5-loudspeaker as follows: 1. Crimp a 24-inch length of stranded insulated 18 AWG hookup wire onto each of the four female connector pins.
  • Page 12: Test Procedure

    Spanner Nut Bit for Adjustable Motorola 66-80371B34 Torque Screwdriver Motorola Test Box RKN4460( ) can be substituted for the 4-Ohm 20-Watt fixed resistor specified in table 1. When pins 2 and 6 of female connector on back of test box are shorted Note...
  • Page 13: Figure 2. Amplifier-Loudspeaker Test And Troubleshooting Procedures

    START TEST 1. Turn Off Power Supply. Perform Procedure Titled 2. Perform Procedure Titled Replacing 9-Foot Cable. 13.8Vdc Sound Output Separating Front and Present Between Terminals If That Does Not Repair From Rear Housings. TP12 (+) and TP13 (-) Fault, Perform Procedure Amplifier-Loudpeaker? 3.
  • Page 14: Repair Procedures

    Repair Procedures Initial Disassembly 1. Refer to Figure 3. Push tips of two identical or similar small flat blade screwdrivers into opening between front and rear housings. 2. Push both screwdriver blades simultaneously away from speaker to pop up and release front housing from rear housing. When performing step 3, be very careful to avoid damaging loudspeaker cone, which faces upward directly below front cover.
  • Page 15: Replacing Speaker

    PCB. Discard old speaker. 3. Using a soldering iron, connect wires disconnected in step 2 to terminals of new speaker, Motorola part no. 5085891B01. Either wire can be connected to either speaker terminal. 4. Perform procedure titled Final Reassembly on page 15 .
  • Page 16: Table 5 Printed Circuit Board Connections

    6. 4. Carefully lift PCB straight up and out of rear housing. 5. Apply a thin layer of thermal compound, Motorola part no. 1110022A55, to shaded area shown in Figure 5. 6. Mount new PCB to inside of rear housing using the four M3x0.5 machine screws removed in step 3.
  • Page 17: Figure 4 Pcb Connections To External Components

    Table 5 Printed Circuit Board Connections PCB Terminal Wire Color From/To Component Number 9-Foot Cable White 9-Foot Cable Blue Volume Pot. Counterwise End) Gray Volume Pot. Center (Arm) White Volume Pot. Clockwise End Black Speaker (Either Terminal) TP10 Black Speaker (Either Terminal) TP11 TP10 TP11...
  • Page 18: Figure 5 Removing And Installing Pcb

    Circuit Board Thermal Grease Location (Shaded Area) Rear Housing MAEPF-26577-O Figure 5 Removing and Installing PCB...
  • Page 19: Replacing Volume Potentiometer

    3. Refer to Figure 6 on page 11. Pull knob straight off of Volume potentiometer shaft. 4. Using an adjustable torque screwdriver, Motorola kit RSX4043( ) with a spanner wrench tip, Motorola part no. 6680371B03, remove spanner nut that retains Volume potentiometer in rear housing.
  • Page 20: Figure 6 Removing Volume Potentiometer

    8. Place a new wave washer, Motorola Part No. 3205082E48, over threaded shaft of new potentiometer. 9. Refer to Figure 7 on page 12. Install a new O-ring. Motorola Part No. 3205082E48, on a new spanner nut, Motorola Part No.
  • Page 21: Figure 7 Preparing New Volume Potentiometer

    Volume Potentiometer Base of Threaded Shaft Spanner Nut Groove Volume Potentiometer O-ring Motorola P/N 3205082E01 Spanner Nut O-ring Motorola P/N 3205082E48 MAEPF-26570-O Figure 7 Preparing New Volume Potentiometer Volume Potentiometer Volume Potentiometer Terminals Volume Potentiometer Terminals Heat Shrink Sleeve (3), 1/16 in.
  • Page 22: Replacing 9-Foot Cable

    4. Refer to Figure 10 on page 15. Insert unwired end of new 9-foot cable, Motorola part no. 3085853B01, into new strain relief, Motorola part no. 428541A02, so that cable jacket protrudes 0.25- inch or slightly less past inside edge of strain relief.
  • Page 23: Figure 9 Removing And Installing 9-Foot Cable

    Table 8 9-Foot Cable Connections to PCB PCB Terminal Wire Color Number Blue Black White/Black Bare White Strain Relief Locknut Rear Housing Surface must be flush with exterior surface of rear housing Strain Relief 9-Foot Cable MAEPF-26575-O Figure 9 Removing and Installing 9-Foot Cable...
  • Page 24: Final Reassembly

    Repair Parts for Final The repair parts required for final reassembly of the Amplifier- Reassembly Loudspeaker are listed in table 9. Table 9 Repair Parts Required for Final Reassembly Motorola Part Quantity Description Required 3285203C01 Gasket (Required for Final Assembly of...
  • Page 25: Figure 11 Final Reassembly Of Amplifier-Loudspeaker

    PCB. 2. Refer to Figure 11. Remove and discard gasket from front housing. 3. Lubricate new gasket Motorola part no. 3285203C01, using gasket lubricant Motorola part no. 1110027B23. 4. Place new gasket into front housing being certain that gasket is oriented as shown in Figure 11.
  • Page 26: Exploded View And Repair Parts List

    Exploded View and Figure 12 is an exploded view, which illustrates and locates all repair parts for the Amplifier-Loudspeaker, Motorola kit HSN4035( ). Table 8 Repair Parts List lists all repair parts for the Amplifier-Loudspeaker and provides Motorola part numbers for all repair parts. Table 10 crossreferences the repair parts to the parts illustrated on Figure 12.
  • Page 27 Table 10 Repair Parts for Amplifier-Loudspeaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) Reference No. on Descriprion Motorola Part No. Figure 12 O-Ring, Volume Pot. Spanner Nut 3205082E48 Knob, Volume Pot. 3604250J01 Volume Pot. 1805629V05 O-Ring, Volume Pot. Shaft 3205082E01 Lubricant, Gasket 1110027B23...
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  • Page 30 Send written orders to the following addresses: Replacement Parts/ Federal Government Orders: International Orders: Test Equipment/Manuals/ Crystal Service Items: Motorola Inc. Motorola Inc. Motorola Inc. United States and Canada United States and Canada United States and Canada Accessories and Aftermarket...
  • Page 31 Service Instructions Amplifier-Loudspeaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) Motorola Publication 68P81109C65-O *6881109C65-O* 6881109C65-O...

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