Motorola HSN4035 Service Instructions Manual

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© 1998 by Motorola, Inc.
Radio Network Solutions Group
8000 W. Sunrise Boulevard
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33322
All rights reserved.


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  • Page 1 SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS AM PLIFIER-LOUDSPEAKER M OTOROLA KIT HSN4035( ) © 1998 by Motorola, Inc. *6881109C65* Radio Network Solutions Group 8000 W. Sunrise Boulevard Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33322 68P81109C65-O All rights reserved.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Cont ent s Li st o f Fi g u re s ............i i Li st o f Ta b l e s .
  • Page 3: List Of Figures

    Figu re 11. Fin al Reassem bly of Am p lifier-Lou d sp eaker ........16 Figu re 12. Am p lifier-Lou d sp eaker, Motorola Kit HSN4035( ), Exp lod ed View ....17...
  • Page 4 Table 9. Rep air Parts Req u ired for Fin al Assem bly ........15 Table 10. Rep air Parts for Am p lifier-Lou d sp eaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) ....17...
  • Page 5 LIST OF EFFECTIVE PAGES Service Instructions Amplifier-Loudspeaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) Motorola Publication Number 68P81109C65-O Issue Dates of Original and Revised Pages are: Original:M arch 1999 The Number of pages in this publication is 33 consisting of the following: Revision...
  • Page 6: Safet Y Sum M Ary

    Safet y Sum m ary Exposure t o Radio You r Motorola two-way Rad io, wh ich gen erates an d rad iates rad io Frequency Energy freq u en cy (RF) electrom agn etic en ergy (EME), is d esign ed to com p ly...
  • Page 7 M obile Ant enna In stall th e veh icle an ten n a external to th e veh icle an d in accord an ce with : Inst allat ion • Th e req u irem en ts of th e an ten n a m an u factu rer/ su p p lier •...
  • Page 8 W A R N I N G Motorola recom m en d s th e followin g rad io in stallation p recau tion s an d veh icle brakin g system test p roced u res to en su re th at th e rad io, wh en tran sm ittin g, d oes n ot in terfere with op eration of th e veh icle brakin g system .
  • Page 9 En su re th at th ere is a m in im u m of two veh icle len gth s between fron t of veh icle an d an y object in veh icle’s forward p ath . Th en , set veh icle tran sm ission selector to DRIVE.
  • Page 10: Int Roduct Ion

    Th is p u blication p rovid es field level trou blesh ootin g an d rep air in stru ction s for Am p lifier-Lou d sp eaker Motorola Kit HSN4035. Th e Am p lifier-lou d sp eaker is a com p on en t of th e Du al Con trol Head con figu ration of th e MCS 2000 Mobile Rad io.
  • Page 11: Test Set Up

    Test Set up 1. Secu re th e test eq u ip m en t listed in Table 1 or its eq u ivalen ts. 2. Refer to Figu re 1 an d Table 2 on p age 3 an d assem ble a test con n ector for th e am p lifie5-lou d sp eaker as follows: 1.
  • Page 12: Test Procedure

    Table 1 Test Equipm ent and Special Tools Description M anufacturer M odel No./ Part No. Notes Roto-Torq Adjustable Torque Motorola Kit RSX-4043A Screwdriver Spanner Nut Bit for Adjustable Motorola 66-80371B34 Torque Screwdriver M otorola Test Box RKN4460( ) can be substituted for the 4-Ohm 20-Watt fixed resistor specified in table 1.
  • Page 13 START TEST 1. Turn Off Power Supply. Perform Procedure Titled 2. Perform Procedure Titled 13.8Vdc Replacing 9-Foot Cable. Sound Output Separating Front and Present Between Terminals If That Does Not Repair From Rear Housings. TP12 (+) and TP13 (-) Fault, Perform Procedure Amplifier-Loudpeaker? 3.
  • Page 14: Repair Procedures

    Repair Procedures Initial Disassembly 1. Refer to Figu re 3. Pu sh tip s of two id en tical or sim ilar sm all flat blad e screwd rivers in to op en in g between fron t an d rear h ou sin gs. 2.
  • Page 15: Replacing Speaker

    3. Usin g a sold erin g iron , con n ect wires d iscon n ected in step 2 to term in als of n ew sp eaker, Motorola p art n o. 5085891B01. Eith er wire can be con n ected to eith er sp eaker term in al.
  • Page 16: Table 5 Printed Circuit Board Connections

    4. Carefu lly lift PCB straigh t u p an d ou t of rear h ou sin g. 5. Ap p ly a th in layer of th erm al com p ou n d , Motorola p art n o.
  • Page 17: Figure 4 Pcb Connections To External Com Ponents

    Table 5 Printed Circuit Board Connections PCB Terminal Wire Color From/To Component Number 9-Foot Cable White 9-Foot Cable Blue Volume Pot. Counterwise End) Gray Volume Pot. Center (Arm) White Volume Pot. Clockwise End Black Speaker (Either Terminal) TP10 Black Speaker (Either Terminal) TP11 TP10 TP11...
  • Page 18: Figure 5 Rem Oving And Installing Pcb

    Circuit Board Thermal Grease Location (Shaded Area) Rear Housing MAEPF-26577-O Figure 5 Rem oving and Installing PCB...
  • Page 19: Replacing Volume Potentiometer

    3. Refer to Figu re 6 on p age 11. Pu ll kn ob straigh t off of Volu m e p oten tiom eter sh aft. 4. Usin g an ad ju stable torq u e screwd river, Motorola kit RSX4043( ) with a sp an n er wren ch tip , Motorola p art n o. 6680371B03, rem ove sp an n er n u t th at retain s Volu m e p oten tiom eter in rear h ou sin g.
  • Page 20: Figure 6 Rem Oving V Olum E Potentiom Eter

    9. Refer to Figu re 7 on p age 12. In stall a n ew O-rin g. Motorola Part No. 3205082E48, on a n ew sp an n er n u t, Motorola Part No.
  • Page 21: Figure 7 Preparing New V Olum E Potentiom Eter

    Volume Potentiometer Base of Threaded Shaft Spanner Nut Groove Volume Potentiometer O-ring Motorola P/N 3205082E01 Spanner Nut O-ring Motorola P/N 3205082E48 MAEPF-26570-O Figure 7 Preparing New V olum e Potentiom eter Volume Potentiometer Volume Potentiometer Terminals Volume Potentiometer Terminals Heat Shrink Sleeve (3), 1/16 in.
  • Page 22: Replacing 9-Foot Cable

    Motorola p art n o. 3085853B01, in to n ew strain relief, Motorola p art n o. 428541A02, so th at cable jacket p rotru d es 0.25- in ch or sligh tly less p ast in sid e ed ge of strain relief.
  • Page 23: Figure 9 Rem Oving And Installing 9-Foot Cable

    Table 8 9-Foot Cable Connections to PCB PCB Terminal Wire Color Number Blue Black White/Black Bare White Strain Relief Locknut Rear Housing Surface must be flush with exterior surface of rear housing Strain Relief 9-Foot Cable MAEPF-26575-O Figure 9 Rem oving and Installing 9-Foot Cable...
  • Page 24: Final Reassem Bly

    Th e rep air p arts req u ired for fin al reassem bly of th e Am p lifier- Reassem bly Lou d sp eaker are listed in table 9. Table 9 Repair Parts Required for Final Reassem bly Motorola Part Quantity Description Required...
  • Page 25: Figure 11 Final Reassem Bly Of Am Plifier-Loudspeaker

    2. Refer to Figu re 11. Rem ove an d d iscard gasket from fron t h ou sin g. 3. Lu bricate n ew gasket Motorola p art n o. 3285203C01, u sin g gasket lu brican t Motorola p art n o. 1110027B23.
  • Page 26: Ex P L O D E D Vi E W A N D Re P A I R P A Rt S Li

    Am p lifier-Lou d sp eaker an d p rovid es Motorola p art n u m bers for all rep air p arts. Table 10 crossreferen ces th e rep air p arts to th e p arts illu strated on Figu re 12.
  • Page 27 Table 10 Repair Parts for Am plifier-Loudspeaker Motorola Kit HSN4035( ) Reference No. on Descriprion Motorola Part No. Figure 12 O-Ring, Volume Pot. Spanner Nut 3205082E48 Knob, Volume Pot. 3604250J01 Volume Pot. 1805629V05 O-Ring, Volume Pot. Shaft 3205082E01 Lubricant, Gasket...
  • Page 28 SERVICE MANUAL QUESTIONNAIRE We believe that reports from users provide valuable information for producing quality manuals. By taking a few moments to answer the following questions as they relate to this specific man- ual, you can take an active role in the continuing effort to ensure that our manuals contain the most accurate and complete information of benefit to you.
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  • Page 30 REPLACEM ENT PARTS ORDERING ORDERING INFORM ATION When ordering replacement parts or equipment Crystal and channel element orders should specify information, the complete identification number the crystal or channel element type number, crystal should be included. This applies to all components, and carrier frequency, and the model number in kits, and chassis.
  • Page 31 Service Inst ruct ions Am plifier-Loudspeaker M ot orola Kit HSN4035( ) M ot orola Publicat ion 68P81109C65-O *6881109C65-O* 6881109C65-O...

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