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Troubleshooting & Accessories; Important Safety - Electrolux EDS6051 User Manual


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Isolated wet spots on fabrics
after "Iron Aid" cycle completed.
No water goes out from
Nozzle, when "Iron Aid "
cycle is selected.
Clothes are slightly damp
after using "Iron Aid" cycle.
You have used wet clothes with "Iron Aid" option.
The "Iron Aid" program reduces wrinkle on dry laundry only. It is not a
drying program.
Water pressure too low - please check that the water pressure is between
200 kPa and 800 kPa.
The water tap is closed, please open the water tap.
The inlet hose is squashed or kinked, please check inlet hose connection.
The filter in the inlet hose is blocked, please clean the inlet hose filter.
Refer to relevant paragraph in " Care And Cleaning" section.
The Nozzle is clogged, please contact the Service Centre.
Contact the Service Centre if you are still having problems.
This is Normal. Iron Aid uses moisture to reduce the wrinkle on fabrics. It
is recommended to hang clothes after using this cycle.
If your laundry feels wet rather than slightly damp, then the household
water pressure is too high. You may need to reduce pressure by installing
a pressure reducing valve at Mains water connection to the household.
This must be done by qualified plumber.
Note: High water pressure is harmful to all appliances in your household
that are connected to the water supply ie: washing machine,
dishwasher... etc.

Important Safety


Table of Contents

Table of Contents