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DeVilbiss JGA-510-DEC Service Bulletin

Decorator spray gun
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IMPORTANT: Before using this equip-
ment, read all safety precautions and
instructions. Retain for future use.
The JGA-510-DEC is a gun that can
apply decorative spatter effects to
wood furniture, metal panels, etc.
Finish may be changed from a fine
mist to larger droplet size particles.
Simply adjust fluid pressure and/or
air pressure
The JGA-510-DEC comes with the flat-
end AV-447 spatter cap assembly.
Small spatter dots are the result of
coarse atomization when using the
standard spatter cap assembly (2).
This gun may be used with
chlorinated solvents. Alumi-
num is not used in the fluid
passage areas.
Mix material according to manufacturer's
instructions. It may be necessary to strain
A greater than normal gun distance
provides a more uniform particle size.
Particle spacing is determined by speed
of movement and degree of overlap.
Particle size is dependent on the mate-
rial consistency. Specially formulated
spatter materials are available, although
standard paints may be used. Apply
standard paints using very little or no
Pressure on cup or tank controls
material flow. Begin with the fluid
needle adjusting screw (32) wide open.
Use fluid needle adjusting screw (32)
to regulate material flow under
abnormally low material pressure or
material viscosity conditions.
Adjust atomization air to get desired
particle size. It should be high enough
to carry particles to surface. Spatter
dot size increases with pressure reduc-
tion, and decreases with pressure in-
crease. Pressure used depends on
material viscosity being sprayed and
desired operation speed.
To clean gun passages, blow back
paint to material supply source and
flush fluid passage with clean solvent.
Model HD-503 Gun/Hose Cleaner is a
very fast and effective way of cleaning
(See Accessories). Wipe gun clean
with solvent soaked cloth.
If slots of ring (4) become clogged,
clean by soaking cap in solvent and
scrubbing with a gun cleaning brush.
When replacing the fluid tip or
fluid needle, replace both at
the same time. Using worn
parts can cause fluid leakge.
Also, replace the needle pack-
ing at this time.
Using SSL-10 gun lube, lightly lubri-
cate the threads of the fluid tip before
reassembling. Torque to 12-15 ft. lbs.
To prevent damage to the fluid
tip (7) or fluid needle (28), be
sure to either 1) pull the trigger
and hold while tightening the
fluid tip or 2) remove fluid
needle adjusting screw to re-
lieve spring pressure.
Replaces SB-2-582
Spray Gun Lubrication
For best results, lubricate the points
indicated, daily. Use SSL-10 Spray
Gun Lube to lubricate.
A. Trigger Points
B. Packings
C. Adjusting Valves
D. Air Baffle Threads



  Summary of Contents for DeVilbiss JGA-510-DEC

  • Page 1 Use SSL-10 Spray DESCRIPTION tion, and decreases with pressure in- Gun Lube to lubricate. crease. Pressure used depends on The JGA-510-DEC is a gun that can material viscosity being sprayed and A. Trigger Points apply decorative spatter effects to desired operation speed.
  • Page 2 Page 2 SB-2-582 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This manual contains information that is improtant for you to know and understand. This information relates to USER SAFETY and PREVENTING EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To help you recognize this information, we use the following symbols. Please pay particular attention to these sections.
  • Page 3 SB-2-582 Page 3 PARTS LIST Ref. Individual Part No. Description Parts Req. Ref. Individual P-MB-51 Nipple Part No. Description Parts Req. •26 GTI-33-K5 Seal Kit (Kit of 5) MBC-231 Retaining Nut JGA-4074 Baffle Assembly AV-447 Spatter Cap Assembly (Flat) Fluid Needle (Included with Item 7) Ring Bushing...
  • Page 4 WARRANTY This product is covered by DeVilbiss' 1 Year Limited Warranty. DeVilbiss Worldwide Sales and Service Listing: Industrial Finishing DeVilbiss has authorized distributors throughout the world. For technical assistance or the distributor nearest you, see listing below.

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