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JBL SYNTHESIS S5160/230 User Manual Page 12

Power amplifier.
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7. Auto On/ Manual On Switch
Put this switch in the Auto On position if the amplifier is
being used as part of a JBL Synthesis System. When
used in this way, the S5160 will automatically turn on
when the power switch is depressed and the surround
processor is activated. For other installations, or should
individual control of each component be desired, put this
switch in the Manual On position. The amplifier will then
be controlled solely by the front panel switch.
8. IN/OUT DIN Jacks
If you are using the amplifier as part of a JBL Synthesis
System, it is necessary to use these jacks to interconnect to
other system components, so that control signals (power
on/off and music/cinema mode switching) can be trans-
mitted from one unit to the next, starting at the surround
processor, through the equalizer and amplifiers, and ending
at the speakers. Follow the connection diagrams on the
following pages for detailed information regarding these
connections. Make connections to these jacks only as
shown in the diagrams. If these jacks are used in any
other manner, e.g., to control electric screens, the unit can
be damaged and the warranty will be void. For specific elec-
trical information on these jacks, contact JBL Synthesis
Customer Service.
Do not plug anything into these jacks if you
are not using the S5160 with a JBL Synthesis
9. Speaker Mode Control Connectors
The front left and front right speakers are switched
between Music and Cinema modes by signals present at
both the DIN connectors (as described in the previous
paragraph) AND the 2-conductor connectors shown at ª.
The installer may find it preferable to use 2-conductor wire
(18 gauge recommended) rather than long multi-conduc-
tor DIN cables for the mode-switching connection between
the S5160 and these two speakers. Adapters supplied
with the S5160 are used at the speaker end of the wire to
allow connection to the speakers' DIN input connectors.
Proper polarity must be observed as shown in the wiring
diagrams; reverse the connections at one end of the wire
if the speaker(s) do not switch modes (from horn (Cinema)
to tweeter (Music)).
Note that 5-conductor DIN cables MUST be used between
all other components to allow correct power and mode
switching and that the same warning not to plug anything
into these jacks, if you are not using the S5160 with a
JBL Synthesis System applies here; do not attempt to use
these jacks to control anything other than the mode-
switching function of Synthesis speakers, as this may dam-
age the S5160 and will void the warranty.
10. AC Inlet
Your S5160 is shipped with an IEC-type removable power
cord that mates with the AC inlet on the rear panel. To
ensure proper operation, use the supplied power cord.
This amplifier is NOT a multi-voltage unit; using a
power cord that is not compatible with a 230V, 50Hz AC
wall receptacle will void the warranty.


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