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S5160 - JBL SYNTHESIS S5160/230 User Manual

Power amplifier.
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5. Speaker Terminals
Connect the speakers to these terminals, following the nor-
mal convention; wire the "+" side of the speaker to the red
terminal, and the "–" side to the black terminal. Wire the
speakers with the proper polarity; reversing any speaker's
connections will not damage either the speaker or the
amplifier, but will result in poor low frequency performance
and imprecise imaging.
W W A A R R N N I I N N G G : : Terminals marked with the flash symbol are
hazardous when live. External wiring connected to those
terminals requires installation by trained personnel, and the
use of ready-made lead cords.
NOTE: The minimum load impedance that this amplifier
can handle safely is eight ohms per channel. Using lower
impedance loads can damage the unit and will void your
Wire Run Length
Wire Run Length
Up to 20'
Up to 50'
Up to 100'
Rec. Ga.
Minimum Gauge
6. External Fuses s
AC mains fuses are located on the back panel of the
amplifier. These fuses will not blow unless the amplifier is
asked to produce more power than its design allows for a
prolonged period or to prevent excessive current drawn
that could damage internal components during a fault con-
The amplifier has been designed to operate under virtually
all conditions. Even momentary short circuiting of the out-
put (speaker) connections will not ordinarily damage the
output circuitry (although this will activate internal protective
circuitry and cause one or more of the front panel LED
indicators to extinguish until the circuit resets.)
Fuse Replacement
To remove the fuse, turn off the power switch and discon-
nect the power plug from the AC mains. Unscrew the fuse
holder cap and remove the fuse, install the new fuse and
secure the holder cap and reconnect the AC mains. If after
replacing the fuse the unit is inoperative, service is
required; contact your JBL Synthesis dealer.
WARNING: Always unplug the amplifier from
the AC mains before removing any fuse.
IMPORTANT: Never install a fuse that has a
higher rating than that specified on the
back panel of the amplifier or in the owners


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