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Citrix Solution - IBM E Product Manual

Ibm bladecenter chasis product guide
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Citrix Presentation Server (PS) enables users to potentially save large sums of money on management costs and to
minimize data security risks by installing all Windows applications in the data center and virtualizing or streaming them to
end users over the network.
It allows you to deliver applications quickly to remote users without leaving the data center, by using state-of-the-art
application streaming and application virtualization technologies. It eliminates the need to install or manage applications
on individual user devices, helping to make application testing, provisioning, management and support easier and less
Presentation Server helps you prevent data from leaving the data center without explicit authorization, supporting
regulatory compliance and security objectives. Built-in endpoint scans and policy controls take into account each user's
role, device characteristics, and network conditions to determine which applications and data they are authorized to
access. Integrated single sign-on and a secure SSL VPN gateway for remote access enable a "one password, one path"
approach to application and data access.
Presentation Server greatly reduces network bandwidth requirements through application virtualization techniques
perfected over the past 15 years. PS greatly reduces network bandwidth requirements and mitigates latency issues,
because with virtualized applications only mouse movements, keystrokes, and screen updates traverse the network. Even
data-laden and graphics-heavy applications perform better, keeping users active and productive.
Thousands of customers currently run mission-critical environments on racks full of aging 1U or 2U dual-processor
servers and back-level Presentation Server software. IBM BladeCenter
Manager v4.5, offer an innovative way to update your environment to the latest technology and help achieve the following:
Vastly reduced server count—reduce your number of servers by up to two-thirds
Reduce software licensing costs
Move to 64-bit technology with Presentation Manager v4.5—at no extra cost from Citrix
Optimize the heat, power, and space requirements of a Presentation Manager farm
Reduced management overhead vs. running hundreds of servers
Which method is right for you—scale up or scale out? PS v4.5 supports both scale-up (via the IBM System x3800 or
x3850), and scale-out (via BladeCenter blades).
Citrix PS v4.5 offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, to support whatever your operating environment is. This provides you
with the flexibility to run a mixed environment initially and migrate over time.
If you have large scale-out "farms" of Citrix PS servers, made up of 1U and 2U servers, you know what a massive
infrastructure and management headache it can be. The BladeCenter family may be the answer if you're looking to
simplify your infrastructure, improve flexibility and speed of deployment, and consolidate your space, heat, and power use.
BladeCenter chassis support a wide variety of 2- and 4-socket server blades. This flexibility is what makes the platform
ideal for a customer in a state of transition. If you plan to move to PS x64 in 6-12 months, you might prefer an HS21,
HS21 XM, or LS21 blade, running in 32-bit mode initially, and then migrate to an x64 environment later (running the same
hardware). If you have a mixed PS x32/x64 environment, you might choose LS21 or an LS41 2-socket configuration for
your x64 platform, and then later upgrade the LS41 to a 4-socket blade. For a scale-up configuration in a blade form
factor, you might choose a 4-socket/dual-core LS41 or a 2-socket/quad-core HS21 XM right from the start.
The BladeCenter family of products offers you ultimate flexibility and maximum potential investment protection. In addition
to the flexibility of processor choice, there are also huge potential infrastructure consolidation benefits to be had: all
networking, SAN, KVM connectivity, systems management, and power connectivity is integrated into the chassis,
potentially saving large sums of money by requiring fewer cables, PDUs, KVM switches, and other infrastructure
hardware. Additionally, BladeCenter chassis and blade servers offer significantly more efficient heat/power characteristics
than do dozens of 1U and 2U rack servers.
Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.

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