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Overview - IBM E Product Manual

Ibm bladecenter chasis product guide
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You need to make IT decisions that will drive business success. You face management challenges and technological
complexity such as space constraints, power and cooling limitations, heterogeneous environments and I/O connectivity
issues. IBM brings together the widest choice of compatible chassis, blade servers, storage and networking offerings and
solution providers in the industry to help you build an open and flexible IT environment. And regardless of the size of your
business, you want to be up and running 24/7. With built-in redundancy, innovative power and cooling and the latest I/O
and management tools, IBM BladeCenter is easy to own—so you can focus on your business demands and stay ahead of
the competition.
The RIGHT choice, tailored to fit your diverse needs.
It's flexible and modular. As needs evolve, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work.
Meet your needs with BladeCenter: everything from a high-performance data center to a small office with limited IT
skills—IBM has you covered
Get flexibility with 5 compatible chassis and 5 blade types supporting multiple I/O fabrics, all managed from a common
It's robust and reliable, providing redundancy throughout and the information you need to keep your business up and running.
Provide redundancy for no single point of failure with IBM BladeCenter
Preserve application uptime with IBM Predictive Failure Analysis
Make decisions based on accurate data for quick problem diagnosis with First Failure Data Capture
OPEN and innovative, for a flexible business foundation.
It's comprehensive, providing broad, fast, and reliable networking and storage I/O with BladeCenter Open Fabric.
Match your data center needs and the appropriate interconnect using a common management point, and 5 I/O fabrics to
choose from
Extract the most from your third-party management solutions by utilizing the BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager
It's collaborative, enabling you to harness the power of the industry to deliver innovation that matters.
Get flexibility from a myriad of solutions created by members and industry leaders that have downloaded our
open specification
EASY to deploy, integrate and manage.
It enables efficient integrated management, which allows you to minimize costs with the tools you need for effective
Automate OS installation and BIOS updates remotely with IBM Director tools
Administer your blades at the chassis or rack level with the Advanced Management Module
Plug into your enterprise management software
It enable deployment simplicity without tradeoffs by speeding the deployment of new hardware in minutes rather than
days, using BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager
Get significantly faster deployment of servers and I/O than from rack solutions
Reduce costly downtime with integrated failover capability
Manage from a single point of control via the Advanced Management Module
Use with virtually all IBM switches, blades and chassis
GREEN today for a better tomorrow.
It offers control via powerful tools that help you optimize your data center infrastructure so you can be responsive.
Understand your power requirements with IBM Power Configurator
Monitor, control and virtualize your power with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager for x86
Reduce data center hot spots with the IBM Rear Door Heat eXchanger
Optimize and future-proof your data center with IBM Data Center Energy Efficiency services
Our eco-friendly servers and services can help you be environmentally responsible.
Become more energy efficient with IBM expertise
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