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Using Cd-R And Cd-Rw Discs - IBM 73P3309 User Manual

Ibm multi-burner plus user's guide
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Returning the disc to the cartridge
To return the disc to the cartridge, align the label side of the disc 1 with the DVD-RAM cartridge label
side. Insert the disc and close the cartridge lid 2 . A clicking sound will occur when the lid closed.
Precautions for handling
Be careful when handling the removed disc. Debris, dust particles, fingerprints, smears, or scratches may
impair recording and playback of the media. To clean dust or other debris, use a CD Cleaning Kit. Use a
soft, dry cloth to clean the disc. Do not use solvents to clean the disc surface. When labeling a disc, write
only on the printed label side or the cartridge using a soft felt-tip marker. Keep out of direct sunlight,
high temperatures, and humidity. Do not attach labels to either side of the disc.

Using CD-R and CD-RW discs

The Multi-Burner Plus drive can also write to CD-R and CD-RW discs. CD-RW discs can be erased and
reused many times, while CD-R discs can be written to only once. Carefully handle and clean discs,
especially writable media types. Refer to "Handling and caring for a disc" on page 2-10 for information
on how you can prolong the life of your discs.
1. CD-R discs are playable on most audio CD players. CD-RW discs are playable only on some audio
CD players.
2. Some consumer audio players will only play discs recorded on media labeled specifically for audio.
3. CD-R media is rated by write-speed. For 24x write mode, 24x media is required. For best results, limit
write-speed to the media speed rating. The Record Now Software included in the option kit will
allow you to limit the maximum recording speed as needed.
4. CD-RW media is also rated by write-speed. The IBM Multi-Burner Plus drive supports writing only
CD-RW discs rated at 4x or higher. The maximum write speed will be printed on the media
packaging or the disc itself.
5. The following table shows the Multi-Burner Plus compatibility with ultra, high, and low-speed
CD-RW media:
Media rating
No rating
Multi-speed, 1x2x4x, 4x, 1x-4x
2x not supported
Chapter 2. Installation



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