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Manually Ejecting A Disc; Using The Dvd Player Software; Before Using The Software; Using The Dvd Player - IBM 73P3309 User Manual

Ibm multi-burner plus user's guide
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Note: 8 cm and "credit card CDs" cannot be used in vertically mounted drives without a special adapter.

Manually ejecting a disc

If you press the Eject/Load button and the tray does not slide out, turn off the computer. Straighten a
large paper clip to form a tool, as shown in the illustration. The straightened end must extend at least 45
mm (1.8 in.). Insert the extended end into the manual-eject hole on the front of the drive (see "Drive
controls and connectors" on page 1-3). Push the paper clip into the hole until the tray opens. Gently pull
out the tray until you can remove the disc.
45 mm
1.8 in

Using the DVD Player software

This section describes how to use and customize the DVD Player software. You can find current
information on DVD Player software in the readme file on the User's Guide and Software CD.

Before using the software

WinDVD requires a compatible video device driver and IDE bus mastering in order to work. See
Appendix C, "Customizing the device driver configuration settings," on page C-1 for information on
enabling DMA bus mastering and for locating video device drivers.

Using the DVD Player

When you insert a DVD Video disc into the drive, the DVD Player software will automatically start and
begin to play the video disc. If the DVD disc contains both video and program content, the program
content will automatically play.
To view the video content of a video/program DVD disc, go to the Start menu, launch WinDVD, and
click Play.
With Microsoft Windows XP, you can also play DVD Video content by using the Windows Media Player

Changing the DVD region code

Regionalization and Copy Protection (the DVD region code) uses the content scramble system (CSS)
standard to prevent unauthorized duplication of the intellectual property rights distributed on DVDs. It
was originally requested by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to address video piracy,
but is applicable to any content. CSS works by inhibiting the transmission of unencrypted data without
proper authorization. Playback systems must license CSS to decode the encrypted data.
The CSS specification divides the world into seven unique regions. Content designated for one region
cannot be read by playback systems in another region. While CSS is used to prevent digital copies of the
DVD content, another technology devised by Macrovision is used to prevent analog copies of the DVD
content. The Macrovision standard is a scrambling system widely used by the movie industry to prevent
unauthorized duplication of video content using commercial VCRs. DVD playback systems must support
both CSS and Macrovision copy protection standards.
The first time that you insert a DVD Video disc into the drive, you will be prompted to set the region. If
you relocate to a different region of the world, you can use the DVD Player software to change the region
Chapter 2. Installation



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