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Step 6. Completing The Hardware Installation; Step 7. Installing The Software; Step 8. Setting Up The System For Cd Playback; Using The Drive - IBM 73P3309 User Manual

Ibm multi-burner plus user's guide
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Step 6. Completing the hardware installation

1. Ensure that the drive is securely mounted and that the connectors are firmly attached.
2. Ensure that the cables do not interfere with the computer cover, and that they do not block the
power-supply fan blades or airflow paths.
3. Reinstall the computer cover.
4. Reconnect all external devices.
5. Reconnect all power cords into the electrical outlets.

Step 7. Installing the software

All of the software for the drive is contained on the User's Guide and Software CD. The User's Guide and
Software CD contains this User's Guide, IBM RecordNow, IBM Simple Backup, IBM DLA, Intervideo
WinDVD and WinDVD Creator Plus. Complete the following procedure to install the software:
1. Insert the User's Guide and Software CD into the drive. If the CD starts automatically, skip to step 6.
2. If the CD does not automatically start, click Start, and then click Run.
3. Type e:\launch.bat where e is the drive letter of the CD or DVD drive.
4. Click OK.
5. Select your language.
6. Select the software you want to install.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions.
8. After the software is installed, restart the computer.
Note: For full drive functionality, install all software applications listed in the browser window except
the UDF Reader. This is for other computers that do not recognize UDF files.

Step 8. Setting up the system for CD playback

In order to play audio CDs on your drive, you must enable digital playback. Digital playback uses the
IDE data cable to send audio data from the drive to your computer instead of using an analog audio
cable. This usually results in better playback quality, at the cost of your computer working a little harder
to convert the digital data to analog audio. There are two parts to setting up to listen to CD audio,
configuring the drive and configuring the playback application.
Configuring the drive for digital playback
If you have Windows XP, your drive should be automatically configured for digital playback.
If you have Windows 2000 or Windows Me, you will need to configure your system to use digital
playback. Please refer to the instructions in "Enabling digital audio extraction" on page C-2 for
step-by-step procedure on how to enable digital extraction.
Configuring the playback application for digital playback
Your CD playback application must also be configured for digital playback for CD audio to be heard on
your system. If you want to use Windows Media Player as your playback application, follow the
instructions in "Enabling digital audio extraction" on page C-2 to enable this feature in Windows Media
Player. If you have a third-party CD player application, refer to that application's documentation for

Using the drive

This section contains information on using the Multi-Burner Plus.

Using recordable media

Your Multi-Burner Plus can record onto the following types of media:
v DVD-RAM: Write many times media that is optimized for data storage. DVD-RAM media can be read
in most modern DVD-ROM drives, but cannot be read by some set-top DVD players.
Chapter 2. Installation



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