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Use Of Rechargeable Batteries - ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual

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2.5 Use of rechargeable batteries

Do not use the charger for charging or discharging batteries that are not rechargeable.
Do not attempt to recharge any battery that could be frozen. Do not use any damaged
or corroded rechargeable batteries.
Never take apart, open or crush rechargeable cells or batteries.
Never expose cells or batteries to high temperature or fire.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Never short-circuit cells or batteries.
Observe that a highly explosive gas mixture is produced when charging batteries.
Danger of explosion if used incorrectly. Consequently observe the following:
fire, sparks, naked flames and smoking are prohibited near a rechargeable battery.
Ensure that the use of electric cables and electric equipment neither produces sparks
nor an electrostatic discharge.
Caution, risk of chemical burns. Battery acid is highly corrosive. Use acid-resistant pro-
tective gloves, clothes and goggles. Do not tilt batteries as acid could run out of the
ventilation holes.
If a cell has started to leak, the liquid must neither come into contact with the skin nor
with the eyes. If contact is made, the affected area should be rinsed with a lot of water
for a considerable time. Also consult your doctor.
Remove spilled battery fluid with a dry, absorbent cloth and avoid contact with the
skin by wearing acid-resistant protective gloves.
The positive (+) and negative (-) symbols on the cells, batteries and charger must be
observed. The correct connection must be ensured.
Store cells and batteries out of reach of children.
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