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ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual page 11

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12V battery
If a battery voltage of between 7.3 V and 10.5 V is measured, this indicates a critical
range as at the lower voltage end. It is not clear whether it is a fully charged 6 V battery
(which could have a voltage of 7.3 V) or a deep-discharged 12 V battery.
If you attempt to start charging by pressing the MODE key (7), the charger first pauses
for 1.5 minutes, after which another control measurement is taken. During this time the
following is displayed:
Reactivation of deep-discharged 12 V batteries using pulse charging
If after 1.5 minutes, the measured voltage is between 7.5 V and 10.5 V the batte-
ry is identified as a 12 V battery and the charging process starts with a gentle pulse
charging in
mode to reactivate the battery.
When pulse charging the voltage display
flashes during the charging process.
Once the battery has reached a voltage of 10.5V, the charger switches to trickle
charging using the respective charging currents (depending on the selected 12 V
charging program) and the voltage display
shows the voltage without flashing.
Depending on the battery connected or the prevailing ambient temperature you can
also use the Mode key (7) to change to
, even if the battery voltage is below
10.5 V:
The reactivation using pulse charging is the same for all 12 V programs.
If after the 1.5 minute pause the battery is still
within the critical range of 7.3 and 7.5 V, the battery
is defective and the charger switches to the stand-
by-mode for safety reasons.
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