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Disconnecting The Charger - ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual

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Charging program
Special charging program for vehicle batteries
from 14 to 120 Ah at lower temperatures of below
0°C. Efficient charging due to higher charging
voltage and higher charging current (14,7 V / 3,8 A).
Once the program has been selected and started
using the MODE key (7), the program symbol
appears on the display.
The voltage display
voltage of the battery.
The battery symbol on the display shows the
charging condition of the battery.
The filled bars show the existing capacity, whilst
the empty bars show the missing charge. The flas-
hing frame around the battery symbol indicates
that the battery is charging.
The battery is fully charged when all bars are filled,
and the frame has stopped flashing. The charger
then switches to trickle charging to maintain the
battery in its fully charged condition.

3.5 Disconnecting the charger

First pull the plug out of the mains socket and observe the correct sequence
when removing the terminal clamps. Avoid the formation of sparks.
This is extremely important for your own protection as highly explosive gas
can be produced during charging.
Disconnect charger from mains.
Next, remove battery clamp from negative terminal of battery (black clamp) or clamp
connected to vehicle chassis.
Then remove battery clamp from positive terminal of battery (red clamp) or clamp
connected to the battery.
The easiest method is to exactly reverse the steps used for connecting the
1 800 898 750
shows the current

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